New York

Welcome BEAM Bard 2018!

As always, this time of the year is highly anticipated by not only prospective students but also by instructors. As the BEAM staff made their way to Bryant Park on this July 7th, excitement seized every face. We could not wait to meet or be reunited with the young intellects who have decided to explore their curiosity for Math by attending BEAM 2018. 

BEAM students getting to know staff and each other.

BEAM students getting to know staff and each other.

While parents signed forms and students found their road buddies, the BEAM students embarked on the new journey to Bard College. Upon their safe arrival at their new home, the faces that once seemed too nervous to separate from families members now experienced a form of joy that stemmed from the new friendships made on the road. 

BEAM students on swing outside Student Center.

BEAM students on swing outside Student Center.

Before the grand tour of the school's campus and their classrooms, students were first brought to the new home now known as Keen. As bags were being rolled in dorms and students met their remaining staff, this experience became more realistic to most. After the kids had settled in, they were given a tour of their beautiful campus and they enjoyed the community's swing.

After that, we headed to what seems to be one of our most liked places on campus--- the dining room. After a few countless bowls of vegetables, fruits, and desserts, we headed back to the dorms for the preparation of next day's evening activities. 

As the sun settled down and eyes became wearier, BEAM students headed to bed with the intentions of resting for their full first day.

Here are all 40 of our students upon arrival to campus! We're sure this is going to be an amazing summer. 

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