BEAM's five year pathway begins in the summer after 7th grade. Students start the BEAM Pathway Program at a three week camp where they learn challenging math while living on a college campus.

BEAM student discovers the Fano plane

Students join about 40 peers, who are all excited about mathematics, to take seven hours of math per day — an experience they find exhilarating.   Students choose courses in advanced topics often only taught in college, such as number theory, combinatorics, astrophysics, and programming.   A key point of excellence is our program faculty.  They are top educators from across the country, including university professors and middle school and high school teachers.  The students are on a first-name basis with their instructors, and it is not uncommon to spend meals talking together about math, college, or even video games.

BEAM counselor and student play Blokus

The summer's non-academic activities are as carefully designed as the academics.  Students live in a college dorm with college student counselors who are role models to them.  They participate in a variety of activities, from sports to arts & crafts, dance, baking, and board games.  Field trips include hiking, a water park, and Six Flags.  The whole experience is designed to help students integrate into future programs for advanced study by giving them shared experiences with more affluent students and exposing them to some of the same activities (such as Rubik's cubes, board games, Ultimate Frisbee, and more) that will be popular at those other programs. 

8th Grade Support

Once the summer is done, students reunite with their families at Closing Ceremonies where they and their parents learn about what comes next: a 8th grade filled with high school applications, algebra, and new opportunities to explore advanced math.  Learn more about our 8th Grade Focus.