At BEAM, we truly love math and want to inspire the next generation of students to love it, too.

We also know that mathematics is a key gateway to STEM fields, and without it many doors remain closed.

Math will help students find exceptional career paths.  The President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology wrote in their 2012 report Engage to Excel that "closing the mathematics-preparation gap would enable many more students interested in STEM fields to attain STEM college degrees."   But we also know that students won't stay on those paths unless they love learning, unless they see the beauty of math and experience the joy of solving great problems.  

BEAM voting theory

Summer Courses

At BEAM’s summer program, we let staff teach the mathematics they love, sharing their favorite topics with students.  Past courses have included Number Theory, Euclidean Geometry and History, Combinatorics, Logic, Group Theory, Projective Planes, Digital Communications, and Programming with Mathematica.  All of our courses are highly challenging and develop students' critical reasoning and abstract thinking.  Students come to love math at a young age, providing a base that will sustain them through future academic challenges.

BEAM programming with Mathematica

After the Summer

We continue to make sure to make time to do math together just for fun, through Saturday enrichment classes, high school, college, and summer program application support, challenge problems, newsletters, and conversations during Office Hours. 

Student Perspectives on Math

Here's what our students had to say:

Andy: I learned to love math’s beauty.
Eli: Math is the best subject in the world.
BEAM Concepcion
Concepcion: Math is a wonderful collection of questions left unanswered and statements left unproved.
BEAM Tanasia
Tanasia: I learned more math than I ever thought I would... This math was fun and interesting!