BEAM's programs are provided at no cost to students and families. We rely on the support of the following foundations, companies, and individuals to continue achieving our mission of creating a realistic pathway for underserved students. 

Core Supporter

Funding support for Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics was provided by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is dedicated to advancing the education of exceptionally promising students who have financial need. It offers the largest scholarships in the U.S., comprehensive counseling and other support services to students from 7th grade to graduate school, and has awarded $147 million in scholarships to nearly 2,000 students and over $88 million in grants. 

Major Supporter

This project was supported by Science Sandbox, a Simons Foundation initiative dedicated to engaging everyone with the process of science. The mission of Science Sandbox is to unlock scientific thinking by engaging people with the process of science and to support and help build programs that reinforce a powerful notion: You don’t have to be a scientist to think like a scientist.

Additional SupportERS

Additional support for BEAM is provided by:

2015 Honor Roll

BEAM would like to thank the following individuals, foundations, and companies who have supported the program. 

Contributors Above $100,000

CONTRIBUTORS FROM $10,000-$99,999

  • Anonymous
  • Akamai Foundation
  • Greg Brockman
  • Ann Doerr
  • Larry Guth
  • National Security Agency STEM Education Partnership Program (MEPP)
  • Overdeck Family Foundation
  • Richard and Vanessa Rusczyk
  • Manoj Susarla

Contributors From $5,000-$9,999

Contributors from $1,000-$4,999

  • Anonymous
  • Arcus Gift Fund
  • Joanna Barsh and David Garbasz
  • Sam Bankman-Fried
  • Michelle Bentivegna
  • Mira Bernstein
  • Ian Fuller
  • The Lambda Fund
  • Winston Luo
  • Laurie and Andy Okun
  • Greg Price
  • Youlian Simidjiyski

Contributors from $200-$999

  • Anonymous (x2)  
  • Tania Aron
  • Lisa Danz
  • Christopher K. Davis
  • Gee Eng
  • Amy Estersohn
  • Victoria and Kyle Fritz
  • Kiran Kedlaya
  • Akash Patel
  • Pentlandians
  • Chris Shabsin
  • Tara Smith
  • Robert Speer
  • Craig Sutton
  • Karen Taylor
  • Zandra Vinegar
  • Susan Schwartz Wildstrom
  • Japheth Wood

Contributors Up to $199

  • Anonymous (x9)
  • Laura Baylon
  • Amanda L. Bennett
  • Christopher Bigelow
  • Mark Chen
  • Glen Dawson
  • Marisa Debowsky
  • Marisa DeFay
  • Brian Edwards
  • Eve Drucker Egelhof
  • Chris Gilbert
  • Sachi Hashimoto
  • Ruthi Hortsch
  • Reva Kasman
  • Scott Kominers
  • Wei Liu
  • Stephen B Maurer
  • Matthew Maycock
  • Sanjay Padaki
  • Elena Pavloff
  • Ye Ping
  • Betty and Harold Reiter
  • Michael Rowley
  • Michael Schubert
  • Debra Seidell
  • Jill Singer
  • Andrea Smith
  • Latha Venkataraman
  • Lauren Weiss
  • Nina White
  • Radu Zaharopol