Volunteer opportunities for 11th/12th grade students

We're launching a new program to help our 9th and 10th grade students be as successful in high school as they possibly can, and we'd love your help! If you're available, you can be a role model to the 9th and 10th graders and help them adjust.

All of these opportunities count as volunteering hours, which can be listed on your college application. You'll also be helping some great students out and get some free food. There are two ways to be a part of this program:

Mentor a 9th/10th grader (full year)

Remember being a 9th grader and what it took to adapt to your new school? Be a guide for 1-2 younger BEAM students! If you are selected, you would check in with your mentees (most likely from your own high school) once a week, and actually meet together for 15 - 30 minutes once a month. We'd ask you to update BEAM on how it's going once every two months.

To apply as a volunteer, fill out the form below.

Saturday coaches

Finally, we're supporting our early high school students with a weekly program including classes in life and academic skills (like how to study for tests, how to write good e-mails, etc.) as well as math and programming. If you want a more involved volunteer opportunity, we're looking for some older BEAM students to help with the life skills class and really work with younger peers on how to develop themselves.

Program time would be 10:30am - 1pm almost every Saturday. You will get free lunch and MetroCards to come to the program. You must commit to not missing more than 2 Saturdays a semester.

To apply as a volunteer, fill out the form below.

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This form is for any of the three opportunities above.