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End of year party

Come and celebrate the end of the school year with fun games, great food, and your BEAM family. We will be having an outdoor spring party so please bring picnic blankets, outdoor games, and appropriate sports equipment like a football or soccer ball.

What: BEAM Spring Party
When: Saturday, June 22, from 1pm - 4pm
Where: The Battery Park Lawns,

Back to BEAM: College Edition

One year from now, you will be admitted to college! That's right: in less than 12 months, you will make your final college decision.
How do you get there?  What do you need to do?  What do you need to know? 
Here’s what Aisha (currently a student at Northwestern University) had to say about BEAM’s college advice:

Most importantly, throughout the entire college process, BEAM has helped me in more ways than I could have imagined. The college process was one of the most difficult and draining times during my high school experience. However, what made it better was BEAM.
— Aisha

Saturday, MAY 18TH FROM 12-3:30PM!

At BEAM’s office, 55 Exchange Place

SPMPS/BEAM 2014 Graduation Dinner & Reunion

Congratulations, 12th graders! Come celebrate with your old friends from BEAM over dinner, get a free college T-Shirt, and learn about additional support we want to provide you in college.

BEAM next Saturdays

Join us for the Spring trimester of Saturday classes. We will be having Life Skills classes in the morning for 9th/10th grade students as well as ACT prep classes for our 11th grade students. We will also be offering enrichment courses in the afternoon including a new course on Climate Change.

BEAM 8th Grade Saturdays

Join us for our Spring trimester of Saturday Classes. We will be having Algebra classes in the morning to ensure students are on track for future math courses and are prepared for the Regents in June. We will also be offering enrichment courses in the afternoon including a new course on Probability and Math Magic

BEAM Youth Empowerment Groups (high schoolers)

Empowerment groups help create a safe space for individuals who are a part of the same identity group to come together and have free-form conversations and discussions. BEAM will start holding these groups for Young Men and Women to feel comfortable talking about topics that are usually uncomfortable.

What: BEAM Empowerment Groups
When: Thursdays, 5-7 pm
Where: Our office, 55 Exchange Place, Suite 603


Let us guide you in your college applications process, and get a free sweatshirt in the process!
Click the link below to learn more.

BEAM College Support Program

No one makes it through college without help. BEAM wants to continue you to support your journeys by introducing our college support programming. Sign up to receive the following:

  • A monthly check in for specific priorities to keep in mind (FAFSA, Add/Drop period, etc.)

  • A video/in person check in each semester for future planning (internships, future courses, etc.)

  • Specialized advice for students thinking about/declared in STEM majors

  • General advice for getting the most out of your college experience; academically, socially, and everything in between.

BEAM Last Dollar Fund

Is an expense of less than $100 preventing you from doing something amazing? BEAM now has a need-based scholarship for BEAM alumni who are seeking to further their math and science educations.

Metrocard? New York Math Circle fee? Books at CTY? Something else? If your family would have trouble paying for it, apply here:

The BEAM Last Dollar Fund can also provide free MetroCards to BEAM events if you would have trouble paying for them.

Office Hours: Every Thursday, 3 – 8 pm

Come to Office Hours to talk to us about anything you're working on:

  • Studying for the SATs

  • Homework

  • Fun math problems

  • Applications to other programs

  • College applications or making your college list

  • And anything else!

Office Hours will begin in late August and run every Thursday, 3 – 8 pm through mid-June (except Thanksgiving). You may come anytime!

Alumni Newsletter ARCHIVE

Take a look back at alumni newsletters of the past. You might find things from before you joined BEAM!