Welcome BEAM Alumni!

What's Coming up?

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               The time to prepare for College is NOW

               The time to prepare for College is NOW

Get ready for the college application process with beam

The college application process can be a maze! But it doesn't have to be. So long as you have great guidance and advice! BEAM wants to give you that guidance and advice!! 

Why attend?

  1. Learn about the college application process
  2. Understand the financial aid process and how to best finance your education
  3. Hear about what college is really like and get advice from past counselors!
  4. Connect with past counselors and friends!

Let us help you Make Your college plan:

9th/10th graders: Learn how to research colleges and make a list. Learn how to impress colleges.

11th graders: How do you stay on track? Create a timeline from now to December 2017 (when apps are due)

When: Saturday, April 1st, 1:30-6 pm, starting with free pizza!

Where: 251 Mercer St, Room 109

*Feel free to bring a parent, sibling, friend or ANYONE who you think may benefit! *


Summer programs Info session

Learn about new summer opportunities and get personal recommendations to different programs. 

What: Summer Programs Info Session
When: Sunday, January 22, from 10 am-12 pm and 1-3 pm (two identical sessions)
WhereCourant Institute, 251 Mercer Street


Math Team and Algebra Class (for 8th graders)

Starting December 10, Ruthi and Dan will be teaching classes for BEAMers every Saturday at NYU (251 Mercer Street). From 11am-12pm, do fun contest math with your friends from BEAM, and from 12:30pm-2:30pm, learn Algebra the BEAM way! To learn more, click below.

Free pizza lunch. Free MetroCards available through the Last Dollar Fund (see below).

Solving Big Problems (High Schoolers)

Do you miss thinking about math problems that are hard and take a long time to solve? Do you wish you have challenge problems, just like at summer camp? Come solve big problems with other BEAMers on Saturday December 10 3pm-5pm at NYU (251 Mercer Street).

BEAM Last Dollar Fund

Is an expense of less than $100 preventing you from doing something amazing? BEAM now has a need-based scholarship for BEAM alumni who are seeking to further their math and science educations.

New York Math Circle? Books at CTY? Something else? If your family would have trouble paying for it, apply here:

The BEAM Last Dollar Fund can also provide free MetroCards to BEAM events if you would have trouble paying for them.


Office Hours: Every Thursday, 3pm-8pm (grades 8-12)

Come to Office Hours to talk to us about anything you're working on:

  • Studying for the SATs
  • Homework
  • Fun math problems
  • Applications to other programs
  • College applications or making your college list
  • And anything else!

Office Hours run every Thursday, 3pm-8pm (except Thanksgiving).  You may come anytime!

Saturday Office Hours (grades 8-12)

Come to Saturday office hours to get help with anything you'd bring to Thursday office hours. Or just to come study with us! We'll be in room 102 at the Courant Institute at 251 Mercer St on the following Saturdays from 1pm5pm.

  • January 28
  • February 18
  • March 4
  • April 15
  • May 13
  • June 10