BEAM Last Dollar Fund

The BEAM Last Dollar Fund provides financial assistance to BEAM students who are unable to afford expenses associated with attending extracurricular programs. You can use this form to apply for:

  • small grants to pay the registration fees, travel, and other costs for the following programs of further study that BEAM recommends: New York Math Circle, and Center for Talented Youth.

  • small grants to other programs that we agree are valuable for your growth. If you are interested in using this form for a program not listed above, please first e-mail us about it at

  • MetroCards to BEAM students to attend BEAM events.

Most programs we recommend offer their own fee waivers or scholarships, and you should already have applied for these scholarships. BEAM's funds are meant to cover the gap between what these fee waivers and scholarships fund and the program itself; we cannot cover big expenses.

In general, we will only approve requests from people whose family income makes them eligible for free or reduced price lunch. Note that some schools provide free lunch to everyone, so make sure you actually check your family's eligibility:

In extenuating circumstances, we may make an exception to this policy: email us if you do not qualify by the table below but have special circumstances.

Submitting the 1040 Form

The first thing you need to do to apply is send us is a copy of your family's 1040 form. This form is the first two pages of your family's federal tax returns. This is how you usually verify your family's financial need to scholarship programs and colleges.

If your family does not file taxes, you may still be eligible! If this applies to you, you could instead send us:

  • proof of government assistance (SNAP, TANF, or FDPIR)

  • other proof of income (like a W-2)

  • if you really can't do any of the above, signed parent statement about your family's annual income

You should cover the social security numbers and bank account numbers in anything you send us, as shown here:

Note there could be 4 different places where you need to cover social security numbers and 1 place where you need to cover bank account numbers.

Once you've done that, you can:

  • text it to 646-598-8048

  • email it to

  • fax it to (888)-264-2793