Union 2017

Weekends at Union: hiking, water park, field day, and Six Flags!

What do we do at BEAM on weekends? Check it out!

First, on Sunday, July 16, the Union students went hiking at Grafton Lakes State Park.  The mellow group explored the woods while the hardcore group hiked ~7 miles and climbed the fire tower!

The next day, Monday, July 17, we went to Zoom Flume water park, for fun with water rides, wave pools, and zip lines!

On Sunday, July 23, we had a field day on campus. In the battle of green vs. yellow vs. blue vs. red vs. purple vs. orange... orange won the day!

And, of course, our final field trip was to Six Flags on a very rainy day!

We've been having so much fun at Union!

A Day in the Life of BEAM!

What are students up to at BEAM 7? Follow us through a day at Union College!

First, classes! This week, students are taking the following classes:

  • Exploring Infinity
  • Numbers, Patterns, and Proof
  • SET and Combinatorics 
  • Logic and Proofs
  • Solving Big Problems
  • Math Team Strategies

Here are some photos from classes!

In the morning and the afternoon, students take activities: we offer sports, arts & crafts, library time, yoga, and so much more!  Check it out:

We're loving the meals at Union! Check out all these smiling faces at lunch:

In the afternoon, students have class, activities, class, then dinner.

After dinner, we return to the dorm for evening free time:

We cap out the day with Modules -- independent study designed to build stronger foundations in elementary and middle school math so students are even more ready for advanced math in the future. 

Then, it's off to hall meetings and then bed, so we're ready for another day of BEAM!

Meet the students! Meet the staff!

Each year, we take photos of every student and each member of the staff. The student photos came out so well that we decided to post them!  Meet our students:

And also our staff!

Day 0: Welcome to Union College!

Staff welcome

Sunday, July 9, 10am: our staff arrive at Bryant Park and wait for the students to arrive!

The first students join us for board games (like Blokus!) in the park. After a filling lunch, the bus departs and we're on our way to Union!

Blokus at Bryant Park

At 4pm on Sunday, our bus arrives to Union!  It's time to unload our luggage, get keys, unpack, and explore the dorm, including making door decorations!

Then, we ended the day with a welcome meeting so we know what to expect for the rest of BEAM. Welcome to Union!

Setting Up BEAM at Union College!

Union College

It's July and we're here at Union College ready to meet BEAM students!  Staff have been hard at work for the last two days, unpacking and setting up for students. 

This afternoon, staff got together and brainstormed how to help students without giving away the math "a-ha!" moment of discovery. 

Staff are ready to welcome you to campus!  BEAM 7 2017 starts tomorrow!!