field day

Field Day at BEAM 7 Union

Sunday at Union was all tie dye and teamwork as students gathered for BEAM's annual field day! Students participated in games such as pool noodle floor hockey, relay races, staff/student basketball, and a photo scavenger hunt. This photo scavenger hunt led to some of our favorite photos of the day! Each team (orange, red, blue, purple) had one hour to take as many of the photos as they could!

Here were the challenges:

The oldest painted sculpture on campus. (Hint: don’t add anything to it!) 


Take a photo with a Union student. Get and send their NAME and their MAJOR.

The orange team with BEAM staffer and Union graduate, Fred, who majored in engineering. 

The orange team with BEAM staffer and Union graduate, Fred, who majored in engineering. 

Find a rabbit. Brownie points for taking a picture with a rabbit.


A very presidential figure on campus, and an alumnus. (Hint: he’s bronze, but not because of a suntan!) 


Speaking of presidents, where does the president live? Take a cool shot. 


Find the building with rainbow stars in the dome. Take a picture from the outside with your finger on the very top! 


Find a flower. Take a close-up. 


Dance with a staff member. Take a photo. 


Find and take a photo of a Minerva House. 


Wow, what a Messa. Take a photo of an iceless rink. 


We all love learning outdoors. Where can you can sit around a chalkboard-- outside?! 


Splish splash. Where is the only pool on campus? Take a photo of the inside. 


Tube of toothpaste.


Quiet time! Take a picture of everyone in your team reading a book.


Thank a Union staff member and take a photo with them (ask politely!) 


Someone on your team, do a cartwheel. Take a photo mid-wheel. 


Form a human pyramid. Please don’t get hurt in the process.


Find a physical map of Union’s campus and point to your location. 


Where’s Union’s main gate? Take a photo next to it. 


Ready SET go! Take a photo of everyone’s favorite game!  


Find a piece of trash on campus and throw it away. Take a picture. 


Everyone drink water! Take a picture.


Compose a haiku. Write it down. Take a picture. Use chalk if you want. Brownie points for BEAM-theme. 

The blue team haiku: "BEAM is amazing / Mod is very confusing / But I learned a lot."

The blue team haiku: "BEAM is amazing / Mod is very confusing / But I learned a lot."

Find Lynn. Take a picture with her. Make it funny.


Weekends at Union: hiking, water park, field day, and Six Flags!

What do we do at BEAM on weekends? Check it out!

First, on Sunday, July 16, the Union students went hiking at Grafton Lakes State Park.  The mellow group explored the woods while the hardcore group hiked ~7 miles and climbed the fire tower!

The next day, Monday, July 17, we went to Zoom Flume water park, for fun with water rides, wave pools, and zip lines!

On Sunday, July 23, we had a field day on campus. In the battle of green vs. yellow vs. blue vs. red vs. purple vs. orange... orange won the day!

And, of course, our final field trip was to Six Flags on a very rainy day!

We've been having so much fun at Union!

Weekend 2 at Bard: Debates, Relays, and Field Day

Instructor Tanya gathers the attention of members of the Orange Team as everybody prepares for Field Day activities.

Instructor Tanya gathers the attention of members of the Orange Team as everybody prepares for Field Day activities.

It has been a jam-packed weekend at Bard BEAM 7, with Saturday marking the end of week 2 courses, an impromptu student-vs.-staff debate, round 2 of relays, and an all-day Field Day concluding with a student-vs.-staff game of capture the flag.

Saturday Highlights:

Saturday was marked by a sudden decision which will likely leave a lasting legacy at BEAM 7: a program wide debate. After some quick logistical considerations, the plan became to have four rounds of student vs. staff debates, with the groups of student and staff debaters changing with each round. The groups of students who debated against staff were determined earlier in the day by having various groups of students practice debating against each other, with the staff choosing the groups which they believed would pose the biggest challenge.

So about what exactly did we debate? After careful consideration, the debate moderators--consisting of counselor Dave as well as students Jade, Camila, and Anthony--decided on four pressing, relevant, and emotional topics. At the beginning of each round, each side was randomly assigned to either argue FOR the issue at hand, or AGAINST it. The topics were as follows:

  1. Should high school students be guaranteed a daily recess?
  2. Should BEAM allow cell phones at all meals with out any rules?
  3. Should Modules be abolished from the BEAM program?
  4. Does pineapple belong on pizza?

After each round, all individuals who did not participate in that round got to vote on which side they thought argued their stance better. Staff won rounds 1 and 4 arguing for required recess and pineapple on pizza. Students won rounds 2 and 3 arguing against allowing cell phones but arguing to keep Modules in BEAM.

Immediately following these intense debates were another round of relays. Relays are a team-style competition where students complete problems in order to gain points. The teams with the most points get to choose from a selection of neat prizes! Check out some pictures of the event below.

Sunday: FIELD DAY!

First of all, what constitutes a "Field Day"? Field Days can take many forms, and the exact schedule of one can vary across different summer programs. The general idea, however, is a day full of fun activities in which teams compete against each other to earn points--the team with the most points at the end of the day wins! For BEAM's field day, the winning team was rewarded with an extra helping of dessert at dinner.


Field Day!

After starting the morning with a late breakfast, students and staff divided up into the four field day teams: Red, Green, Purple, and Orange. With two staff members leading each team of 10, Field Day began with a 30 minute team meeting where strategy for the first event was discussed and face paint was distributed to get into the spirit of each team's color. Once everybody was decorated and ready, field day began! Here was the schedule of events:

  1. 11-12 Photo Scavenger Hunt
  2. 12-1 Break for Lunch and Opening Ceremonies
  3. 1-1:30 Team Relay - Ping Pong Ball Balancing, Hula Hooping, and Jump Roping
  4. 1:30-2 Human Knots
  5. 2-2:45 Dance Off Competition
  6. 2:45-3:15 Frisbee Throwing for Accuracy and Sponge Relay
  7. 3:15-4:15 Tug of War and Break
  8. 4:15-5 Water Balloon Fight and Water Balloon Cleanup Competition

After all the activities were finished, students got some down time before heading to dinner, with a game of Capture the Flag--again, students vs. staff--following dinner. Check out field day photos below!

I really enjoyed field day because I got to do things that I’ve never been able to do in the city before. Playing tug-of-war, having a dance off, and participating in a water balloon fight were all incredible.
— Sebastian