A Day in the Life of BEAM!

What are students up to at BEAM 7? Follow us through a day at Union College!

First, classes! This week, students are taking the following classes:

  • Exploring Infinity
  • Numbers, Patterns, and Proof
  • SET and Combinatorics 
  • Logic and Proofs
  • Solving Big Problems
  • Math Team Strategies

Here are some photos from classes!

In the morning and the afternoon, students take activities: we offer sports, arts & crafts, library time, yoga, and so much more!  Check it out:

We're loving the meals at Union! Check out all these smiling faces at lunch:

In the afternoon, students have class, activities, class, then dinner.

After dinner, we return to the dorm for evening free time:

We cap out the day with Modules -- independent study designed to build stronger foundations in elementary and middle school math so students are even more ready for advanced math in the future. 

Then, it's off to hall meetings and then bed, so we're ready for another day of BEAM!