BEAM Discovery LA: A fantastic first week

Students did great work the first week of BEAM Discovery LA!

Each week students can choose to work on the Problem of the Week on their own or with others. The first week, 27 students solved the problem, 10 within the first two days!

Are you up to the challenge? Find out:

Is there a 10-digit number where the first digit is equal to how many 0s are in the number, the second digit is equal to how many 1s are in the number, the third digit is equal to how many 2s are in the number, all the way up to the last digit which is equal to how many 9s are in the number?

If yes, can you find all of them? If no, how do you know for sure?

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Week 1 featured classes unlike anything most students see in school:

Elementary My Dear — Students explore different techniques to solve complicated riddles and learn how to apply them to tough mathematical problems.

Truth, Lies, and Logic — Welcome to the land of liars and truth-tellers. What can we figure out in such a crazy place, and how can it help us solve really difficult math problems? 

Fractions and Food — Students’ thinking about fractions (and, hmmm, food) is challenged.

Words Meet Numbers: An Algebra Story — Students learn how Algebra can translate words into numbers and vice versa.

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When we asked our students what they thought about the classes, one told us (about Elementary My Dear): 

“One of the many topics that are good about this class is that they teach us how to use clues, vocabulary in word problems, and solve mysteries like a CSI. Also, the staff are really nice.”

Another student said (about Truth, Lies, and Logic):

“You get to learn many things and the problems get you frustrated meaning you'll just have to try harder.”

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But it’s not all math all the time. Students also participated in fun activities like a Toy Story Marathon to prepare for the field trip to see Toy Story 4

Others played board games, challenging their friends and counselors to Uno, Connect 4, Settlers of Catan, and more. Students were also excited by our science activity where Skittles and M&Ms were placed in water and their color slowly seeped out to create beautiful designs.