Family Welcome Lunch

BEAM 2016 is nearly here!  As the first step toward the summer, we invite 7th graders and their families to come, eat pizza, and meet BEAM alumni and parents. 

First, faculty from the summer described what they planned to teach:

Faculty introductions

Then, students, in 8th grade and in high school, talked about their experiences in BEAM and after.  Here are some highlights:

  • Jennora, who attended in 2015, thanked BEAM for support in applying to high school and summer programs.  This summer, she will be attending GOALS for Girls at the Intrepid Museum.  In the fall, she will be heading to Bard High School Early College. 
  • Mona, who attended in 2013, announced that she is spending her summer interning at Morgan Stanley working with their technology team.  She credited BEAM with giving her the courage to introduce herself to an Assistant Principal at the high school fair, which lead her to the Academy for Software Engineering.
  • Rebecca, who attended in 2015, described her favorite course last summer, Euclidean Geometry, where they learned how to construct two circles in such a way that they formed a triangle, and they were able to prove with certainty that the shape was equilateral. 
  • Zavier, who attended in 2011, is graduating high school and heading to SUNY Albany in the fall.  Since BEAM, he has been focused on computer science, and now teaches technology at a maker space. He thanked BEAM for acting as his college guidance counselor, helping with the SAT, his FAFSA, understanding financial aid, and more.

It was so wonderful to see all the 7th graders and imagine where they will be in 5 years!

Winter Party

With all of our important academic events, it's great to also make time for BEAM students to come together and just hang out!  Every December and June, BEAM hosts a party for students in grades 8-12 to get together with their friends, eat, and play games. 

Students and staff play Blokus

It was wonderful to see old friends and new get together!  Enjoy some photos of students and staff having a great time together: