Congratulations, 8th Graders!

This month, BEAM students found out where they will be attending high school.  We are pleased to announce that, so far, 51% of our 8th graders will be attending Tier One high schools and 56% will be attending either Tier One or Tier Two high schools. At this point, 67% will be attending "trusted" schools, which meet BEAM's minimum standards for college preparation. We say "at this point" because every year a few students are under-matched in the process. We are currently working with students who were not admitted to high schools that meet our standards to make sure that they can navigate the appeals process and find a good fit for the next four years.

BEAM students were admitted to: 

  • Bard High School Early College (15)

  • The Beacon School (4)

  • Brooklyn Latin (4)

  • Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics (4)

  • Manhattan/Hunter Science High School (4)

  • Brooklyn Tech (3)

  • The Laboratory School for Finance and Technology (3)

  • NEST+m (3)

  • University Heights High School (3)

  • Benjamin Banneker Academy (2)

  • Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts (2)

  • Hostos-Lincoln Academy of Science (2)

  • Millennium Brooklyn High School (2)

  • NYC Museum School (2)

  • Baccalaureate School for Global Education

  • Bronx Science

  • Midwood High School

  • Millennium High School

  • NYC iSchool

  • NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies

  • Stuyvesant

  • Central Park East High School

  • East Side Community School

  • Bedford Academy

  • Collegiate Institute For Math And Science

  • High School for Health Professions and Human Services

  • Urban Assembly NY Harbor School

Aamirah, Brooklyn Tech

Aamirah, Brooklyn Tech

Ahmed, University Heights

Ahmed, University Heights

Kathy, Brooklyn Latin

Kathy, Brooklyn Latin

Ethan, Bard High School Early College

Ethan, Bard High School Early College

“At first I was overwhelmed and confused but BEAM gave me good advice and I ended up getting into my first choice school!”
— Ethan, 8th Grade

These 79 8th graders join 300+ BEAM students already in high school. We're so proud of you all!

BEAM 7 Welcome Lunch: hear from our alumni!

How has BEAM helped you grow?

Before the summer, we invite students and their families to learn more about the program. After a presentation about BEAM, we turn the day over to our alumni, who are the highlight of the event!

Here are some of the quotes from our alumni at family lunches this April!

Question: How did you feel about going to a math summer program?

I was a little scared at first to do all math, but was nice to be around people who also loved math. Being at college gave me independence.
— Ariel, 11th grade, Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
I was so full of wonder being on campus with trees and open space. I was really excited to take college classes. I bragged to friends at home about it.
— Angelina, 12th grade, East Side Community High School

Question: Were you excited to go to BEAM before it started? Or were any of you forced to go by your parents?

I was forced to go, but BEAM quickly felt like a second home and didn’t want to leave. I love to reminisce with other BEAM students at my high school.
— Rashik, 10th grade, Bard High School Early College
I was excited to go to BEAM. Math was boring for me in seventh grade and I was glad to work on math I had never seen before.
— Malachi, 11th grade, Brooklyn Technical High School
I was forced to go by my mom, but I’m glad I was. The program was much more fun than I expected.
— Gabe, 8th grade, Great Oaks Charter School

Question: How did BEAM help you after the summer?

BEAM helped me apply and attend math programs every summer after BEAM: MathPath in 2014 and Mathworks Honors Summer Math Camp at Texas State in 2015, 2016, & 2017. BEAM has helped me study for the SHSAT, the SAT, the SAT Subject Tests, and a whole lot more. [BEAM] does a lot actually... they have everything. You just need to talk to them and ask for help.
— Malachi, 11th grade, Brooklyn Technical High School
After BEAM 7, they helped me go to the Center for Talented Youth, where I took engineering classes for two summers, and now I do clubs at school like robotics.
— Mayra, 10th grade, University Heights High School

7th graders! Welcome to BEAM. We're so excited to see where BEAM can take you.