How would you do at a BEAM trivia night?

What does it look like to combine puzzles, trivia, and a bit of math? BEAM's Slightly-Mathy Trivia Nights do just that, challenging guests to work together with students on fun, weird, challenging puzzles. If you want a taste of what that means, here are four rounds from our 2018 event. Scroll carefully as we’ve included the problems and then the answers on a next page. (Warning: Round 4 is hard!)

For Round 1, answer these questions first, and then click on the Round 1 link below to match each answer with a mathy symbol or drawing for double points!

  1. What ocean borders on the US, Canada, Russia, Greenland, and Norway—but not Ghana or Namibia?

  2. What is the last name of a famous tennis player whose first name is Bjorn?

  3. What is the word for an old leather or metal glove?

  4. What word means “placed more bullets into my gun”?

  5. What public company has the highest market capitalization?

  6. What programming language that is a dialect of Lisp is also a word for a devious plan?

  7. In baseball, a line blank is what happens when the batter hits the ball hard with a low arc. What word fits in for the blank?

Thanks to all the BEAM students, supporters, and staff who joined us for trivia nights in Los Angeles and New York. Please join us next year! Sign up for our mailing list to get announcements about events in 2019.