BEAM 9th grade students prepare for high school

This past Saturday, 21 rising 9th grade BEAM students started preparing for high school. Students met in groups by school, and discussed challenges such as keeping track of assignments, avoiding procrastination, and making time for fun activities. Groups also talked through several potential social situations.

Group 1.JPG

Every 9th grade student received an academic planner, and the day was capped by seven 11th/12th grade BEAM students sharing what they've learned in high school. If you missed the event, BEAM Next is for you! Join us every Saturday for guidance with academics, time to hang out with friends, and more fun BEAM classes!

 Here's what some older students wished they'd known in 9th grade:

How to balance work and friends - knowing when to stop hanging out and do your work
— Rashik, Bard High School Early College, Manhattan 11th grade
I’ve had classes where 70 - 80 % of my grade was tests, and that was a hard adjustment.
— Crisleidy, Brooklyn Tech 12th grade
Be as comfortable as possible - don’t force yourself to fit in. Be yourself.
— DeVaune - Promise Academy 11th grade