Sign up for BEAM Next: Saturday Program!

Calling all 9th/10th grade students! High school can be challenging, and adjusting to the workload, social life, and commute can be hard. This new BEAM program is just for you.

At BEAM Next: Saturday Program, you will get a place to talk about your HS experience with your friends from BEAM. You'll also take more fun math and science classes to keep growing, and get weekly access to BEAM's advising for summer program.

The program meets on Saturdays, starting September 9th. There will be almost no homework, but you will need to commit to come every Saturday through May 26th.

This program is a bigger commitment, so you must return the forms we sent in the mail (or download below) to go!



When: Every Saturday, starting September 9th, from 10:45am - 3pm

Where: NYU's Courant Institute.

Pizza lunch will be provided!


Academic and life skills (everyone)

In this course, you will write a professional resume to help get interships, learn to write professional emails, get test taking and study tips, and also get an introduction to personal finances, job skills, and more. You'll also get a chance to share with your BEAM friends how your week has been, what has gone well and what struggles you have, and brainstorm together how to improve. Finally, we we'll work together to apply to summer programs and other opportunities.

Plus, pick one of the following courses:

computer programming

Learn to program! You will learn to program in Python, and will create a large project (for example, a computer game or web application).

Math explorations

Get back to doing interesting math! You'll explore all kinds of problems and ideas across different parts of math, and stretch your brain as you discover new ideas.

solving big problems

This is BEAM's most advanced class, intended for BEAM students who want to go to top nationwide math programs. In this class, we're going to look at interesting, open-ended math questions and write proofs of your solutions. The problems are interesting and will challenge you to think more abstractly, and they'll also prepare you for the kinds of admissions questions for these math programs. In this class, you'll be expected to write some proofs between classes to get feedback on your writing skills.

Here's an example of something you might see in a Solving Big Problems class:

Let p be prime. For which integers n is it possible to split the set {1,2,...n} into p subsets that do not overlap, such that the sum of the integers in each of the subsets is the same?

Field trips

Approximately once a month we will have a special event instead of regular class. Examples include visiting a lab at a local university or visiting local STEM businesses. We will also have several panels, with opportunities to talk to professionals in different fields about their jobs. Over school breaks we may take a few longer day trips during the week (not on a Saturday).

Email us ( if you have any questions!