BEAM Goes to Yale Splash

8th graders walk to class at Yale Splash

Every fall, BEAM heads to Yale for our favorite field trip of the year, Yale Splash!  Splash is a day where college students open the campus to students in grades 7-12, and the college students teach their younger peers college-like courses.  This year, students choose from classes including:

12th graders and Jeff at Yale
  • Mathematical Paradoxes
  • The Basics of Improv
  • Environmental Justice
  • Origami Workshop
  • Chemical Biology
  • Making a Robot
  • Decoding Language
  • Game Theory
  • Introductory French
  • College Admissions
  • Beatlemania
  • The Grid
  • Meditation
  • Foundations of Feminism in Medieval Text
  • The Reeb Foliation of the 3-Sphere
  • What makes a dinosaur a dinosaur?

After a busy day of class, students took a tour of campus and had dinner in Yale's historic colleges.  Many took an opportunity to sleep on the ride back to New York City after such a busy day!

Yale campus tour

Read more about Yale Splash on their website