Ultimately, BEAM's success will be measured by the number of students who are successfully able to enter STEM careers.  

In the interim, we track indicators that show whether students are on the pathway toward STEM success.

Summer Growth

We use the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 8 to show mathematical growth during the summer program. Students' results are impressive given the comparison group: only the top 8th graders nationwide even attempt the AMC 8. Each summer, the median BEAM student shows significant growth over the three weeks of the summer program.

High School Admissions

BEAM tracks admission to selective and highly selective high schools, which provide high quality preparation for college. 

Percent of Students Attending Selective High Schools

Cohort Admitted to Selective Schools Admitted to Highly Selective Schools
2011 50% 38%
2012 47% 44%
2013 64% 56%
2014 53% 31%
2015 59% 43%
2016 61% 42%

Highly selective high schools include: all specialized schools in NYC (such as Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, Brooklyn Tech); Bard High School Early College; the Beacon School; Midwood High School; Townsend Harris High School; Millennium High School; Manhattan/Hunter Science High School; Brooklyn College Academy; Medgar Evers College High School; the Brooklyn Friends School; the Westminster School; St. Mark's School; Dublin Boarding School.  Admission to the specialized high schools is especially notable because of the recent press surrounding the very small number of minority students admitted to these schools.  At Stuyvesant, for example, out of 953 students admitted in 2015, only 20 were Hispanic.  One of those 20 is a BEAM alumnus.


Meet Andy

Andy attended BEAM in 2013 and went on to Bronx High School of Science (Bronx Science).

BEAM Thalyia

Meet Thalyia

Thalyia attended BEAM in 2013 and went on to the Bard High School Early College. 

Continued Advanced Study

After BEAM, students go on to further programs for advanced study.  Dozens of students leave to programs such as the Center for Talented Youth, MathPath, the MathWorks Honors Summer Math Camp at Texas State University, the New York Math Circle, Cooper Union Summer STEM Program, Carleton College Summer Quantitative Reasoning Institute, the NYU Science and Technology Entry Program, and many more; most of them go on full scholarship.  In this way, students can continue their advanced study and explore the many opportunities available to them. 

BEAM Fatimatou

Meet Fatimatou

Fatimatou attended BEAM in 2011. In 2014, she spent the summer at Mathworks Honors Summer Math Camp at Texas State, where she learned number theory. Fatimatou will be attending Manhattan College, where she was granted a STEM merit scholarship.

BEAM Zavier

Meet Zavier

Zavier attended BEAM in 2011. In 2014, he spent the summer at All Star Code, learning to program. He spent the following summer at Microsoft, where he had a paid internship. He now teaches at a maker space.   Zavier will be attending the University at Albany (SUNY), where he plans to study computer science.