Icebreakers at BEAM 7 Union!

Day 1: Today was a day full of fun icebreaker activities and rule explanations. For our icebreaker activities, we played a round of human bingo, a team-building game on birthdays (that involved absolutely no speaking at all!), a camp-wide rock-paper-scissors tournament, and a name game where we would all assign adjectives to our names and memorize each other’s names and adjectives. We managed to find descriptors for students across the alphabet, from Adorable Angie to Zebra Zeina and everything in between: Lovely Luixander, Jazzified Jasmine, Magic Mekhi, and Bubbalicious Brandon!

Check out some photos we took during icebreakers!

Icebreakers at Vassar

How do you start math camp?  With getting to know you games!  

At Vassar, our students played the following:

  • A rock, paper, scissors tournament
  • Human Bingo
  • Who's that? (a game where team members represent their team, a sheet is dropped, and you have to name the other person first)
  • Buzz (a math game about counting and multiples) and we then made it even harder by playing Fizz Buzz!
  • Human Knot
  • What's behind the green glass door?

Here's some photos of them getting to know each other!