Exponents, Reciprocals, Expected Values, Oh My! Day 19...

There was a lot going on at BEAM Discovery Downtown on Day 19! In Exponents: Super Powered Numbers, students tested their classmates’ laws about exponents. Students explored reciprocals in Fractions: Puzzles, Problems, and Games. And in Big Questions and Big Answers, students learned how to calculate expected values and played a dice game where they tried to beat the odds.

Big questions and big answers.jpg

In Open Math Time, students worked on Problem Sets and the 100 Problem Challenge. Downtown students are getting close to claiming the prize for solving all 100 problems!

Relays! BEAM students can choose collaborative or competitive categories for Relays, where teams work to solve problems together.

During activities, students played chess, learned new knots in knitting, worked with Snap Circuits, and more.

“What’s it really like to work at Google?” “How do you know when something is fake news?” BEAM students asked great questions of STEM professionals from Google, Reuters, Harvard, MIT, and more as part of Career Day at BEAM Discovery Downtown.