Mathematician Edray Goins Visits BEAM at Harvey Mudd

This weekend, Dr. Edray Goins, mathematics professor at Pomona College, gave a brilliant talk to students and faculty at BEAM Summer Away at Harvey Mudd College. Dr. Goins grew up in Los Angeles just like our students and graduated from two of the best universities in the country, California Institute of Technology and Stanford University. Dr. Goins explored with students how the geometric mean and recursive sequences of numbers can be used to find an algorithm for square roots. Students left not only inspired to continue their journey in mathematics, but also driven to keep learning new techniques in math. BEAM students Maxine and Karla said of Dr. Goin’s presentation: “Many new ideas and theories were presented in a way that was straight forward and precise.”

Thank you, Dr. Goins, for truly inspiring us!

Edray Goins edited.jpeg

Interested in getting to know Dr. Goins better? Check out this profile of him, featured in The New York Times in February.