BEAM Students Attend Yale Splash

On Saturday, November 11th, 90 BEAM students in eighth through twelfth grade spent the day at Yale University taking courses on topics ranging from Korean language to abstract algebra.

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Yale Splash is a special event run by Yale undergraduate students who volunteer to teach classes on any topic of interest to middle and high school students. BEAM takes a group to this event each November.

The day started at 6:40am, when students boarded buses for the hour and a half hour ride to New Haven. Classes started at 9:30am, and students spent all day learning about a variety of topics.

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Here's what some BEAM students said about their day:

My favorite class was the “Building Continents and Making Oceans” class, about building oceans. It gave me a really good background for my earth science class. The class went more in depth on different categories of rocks that were on my test this week, and helped me understand the topic more.
— Consuelo, BEAM 7 2017
The classes were extremely interesting. The teachers were really young so it was easy to relate to them. My favorite class was “Introduction to Psychology.”
— Jahleel, BEAM 7 2015
My favorite class is a tie between “Colonialism and Race” and “What is Education: An Inquiry.” In Colonialism & Race, it was a great class, and the teacher told us about some really good books - “The Racial Contract,” etc. I learned a lot of new stuff.
— Crisleidy, BEAM 7 2013
The classes were very interesting. The teachers were engaging with the students, and also being informative at the same time. My favorite class, for me, was “Cloning” because the teacher split us into groups, and we had a discussion about cloning, pro and con.
— Naz, BEAM 7, 2014
My favorite class was “Muay Thai,” because it took my mind off of academics for a bit.
— Aisha, BEAM 7 2013