The End of the First Academic Week- Saturday, July 16, 2016

It was a BEAMing Saturday at Bard, and this meant a lot of things for the BEAMers:

1) The first academic week was over, and the students got to choose new classes for the upcoming week.

2) The solutions to the challenge problems were formally presented in front of the entire BEAM group by the students who solved them. Jacob, one of the BEAMers, solved the third challenge problem (meaning the BEAMers get a pizza party as a prize), and presented the solution to it alongside the other students who solved the other two: Milani, Deja, and Miriam.

3) BEAM was visited by a guest speaker: the founder of BEAM, Daniel Zaharopol. 

4) It was relay day! Students competed in teams to complete competition-style math problems. 

5) After solving challenge problems one and two, the students got to reap their prize in the evening: movie night with popcorn! 

What a way to end the first week of class. The field trips awaited!