RFP: BEAM National Online Programs

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM) is a program for students from low-income and historically marginalized communities with high potential in mathematics. Through our work, underserved students with talent in math gain access to resources and programs for advanced study and the mentorship to help them take advantage of these resources, paving the way for them to become scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and computer scientists.

While BEAM currently operates in New York City and Los Angeles, it is our goal to reach students nationwide. The subject of this RFP is an initiative to provide access to advanced study in mathematics for students across the United States. Low-income students in elementary and middle school would receive free access to high-quality online learning; those who do well and are accepted to continue would attend a free, national, residential summer program in the summer after seventh grade, and would have continuing support and mentoring thereafter. We believe this will transform the lives of high-potential students across the country who currently do not have access to challenging mathematics.

We are looking to collaborate with an established organization for the online learning component of the project. As a mission-driven organization, BEAM is looking for a partner dedicated to this work who can help us develop a powerful experience for students. Once a collaboration is in place, BEAM would continue to build out the project plan around the offerings of the partner organization, and we would seek philanthropic funding to launch the program at national scale.