BEAM 6 Counselor and Teaching Assistant

For five weeks this summer, guide 6th graders in New York City as they learn math beyond the school curriculum for the first time. In addition to your salary, you will receive breakfast, lunch, and an unlimited Metrocard during the program.

More about the non-Residential program

BEAM 6 is a summer day program run in New York City by Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics. Students spend five weeks discovering extracurricular mathematics for the first time, commuting from all over NYC to our location in lower Manhattan. After the summer, we help the students to apply to other programs for continued study, including our 7th grade program that can support them throughout high school.

Responsibilities at BEAM 6

As counselors, it is your job to create the unique social environment at the program and also to provide critical support for the academics. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Making everyone feel welcome and watching out for their happiness at camp.
  • Assisting classes by working with students individually and in small groups (see below).
  • Attending a training class provided for counselors on mathematics and teaching pedagogy (see below).
  • Meeting students at a subway stop near their home, both bringing them to the program and going home with them at the end of the day.
  • Running three to five activities per week for students at camp. (Sports, games, dancing, art, theater, quiet reading time, watching a movie... everything is fair game.)
  • Supervising field trips on the weekend.
  • Above all, being a role model to inspire the students.

You'll have breaks during the day, and in the evening, but this is more intense than a normal 9-5 job. You need to give it your all—but in return, you get the satisfaction of helping kids who will really benefit, teaching experience, and plenty of chances to learn some new math yourself. You'll also get the chance to be part of a tight-knit team, and you will be a critical part of shaping what the program looks like.

Classes at BEAM 6

Students at BEAM 6 take four classes, one in each of these subjects:

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Math Fundamentals
  • Math Team Strategies
  • Applied Mathematics

Counselors will TA one hour a day, as well as tutoring in and supervising the study hall like period that comes after class. Counselors will also have the opportunity to develop other mathematical activities outside of standard classes.

One of the unique features of BEAM 6 is that all counselors take a special course taught by BEAM faculty that covers both mathematics and pedagogy. Through the class, counselors will get support for their roles as TAs and tutors, and they will also develop mathematical content to run math activities directly for the students. We hope that the class will help all of the counselors grow both as mathematicians and teachers.

Counselor Schedule

A typical day's schedule might look something like this:

8:00am-9:05amMeet a group of students at a subway stop near their home and bring them to campus.
9:05am-9:20amBreakfast with the students
9:20am-10:20amTA your class.
10:30am-11:30amStudy hall, help students with their mathematical work
12:40pm-1:00pmEat lunch with the students
1:05pm-2:05pmTake class on teaching and pedagogy.
3:20pm-4:20pmRun afternoon activity
4:20pm-5:30pmBring your group of students back home.
7:15am-8:15amMeet a group of students at a subway stop near their home and bring them to campus.
8:15am-8:40amBreakfast and morning check-in with the students
8:45am-9:45amTA your class.
10:55am-11:55amStudy hall, help students with their mathematical work
12:00pm-12:20pmEat lunch with the students
12:25pm-1:25pmTake class on teaching and pedagogy.
1:30pm-2:30pmRun afternoon activity
3:35pm-4:55pmBring your group of students back home.

Counselors will be able to express preferences about which classes they teach and which time blocks they get off. Additionally, counselors will occasionally help with other duties such as collecting program-wide attendance, setting up for lunch, and other miscellaneous tasks.

In addition to this weekday schedule, there will be a field trip each weekend. These will last a few hours and allow you to experience purely social time with the kids. Field trips will meet later in the day, at 9am or later. 

Other Staff

We'll have on staff:

  • 20 Counselors (that's you!) and Junior Counselors
  • 10 Faculty
  • 1 Nurse
  • 1 Guidance Counselor
  • 1 Director of Student Life (who will help run activities and student travel)
  • 1 Site Director (who will handle all the logistics)

Additional Details

The program will run for five weeks, from July 10 to August 11. In addition, there will be an orientation and set up on July 5-7, which will run for eight hours on each day, and two days of wrap-up and take-down on August 14-15.

The salary for the summer is $3600. You will be provided with an unlimited MetroCard during the program, and your training will include a free CPR certification valid for 2 years. In addition, you will receive breakfast and lunch each weekday at the program. We especially hope that you will see the program as we do: a labor of love that reaches the students most in need, and a program with the potential to have a transformative effect on achievement in mathematics and related fields.

Please note that we do not arrange housing for this program, so you must have housing in New York City. If you don't live in New York, you will need to find housing yourself (although we may be able to put you in touch with other counselors to room together). You can also consider our residential 7th grade program, which hires nationally and provides both housing and transportation.

We are always available to answer any questions you might have, so please feel free to get in touch. We look forward to working with you this summer!