This summer, 156 middle school students spent a collective 13,698 hours working on mathematics and honing their skills.

They were joined by 10 BEAM alumni who returned to serve as Junior Counselors for BEAM 6.

In August, 20 rising 11th and 12th graders spent a total of 405 hours learning about college and preparing to apply.

At the end of the summer, BEAM's first cohort went off to college, attending schools including Bard College, Northeastern University, and SUNY Albany.

Math is like an infinite building with doors on each floor, which you need knowledge keys to unlock. BEAM gave me keys to help unlock the doors to go higher.
— María, 8th grade, IS 5: the Walter Crowley Intermediate School
Before BEAM, I used to just focus on school work. When I was younger, I felt if I had an idea, I had to wait until I was an adult to figure it out. Thanks to BEAM, I know there’s resources out there where I can learn for myself or try something new out. If I have an interest, I actively pursue it now.
— Zavier, freshman, SUNY Albany
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