How to Sign Up for Yale Splash

Please read all the instructions

Signing up for Splash is complicated and you must complete all the steps correctly!

Deadline to register is October 14th!

Remember: Please note: space is not guaranteed on the BEAM bus. You must complete every step of the registration process and then wait to hear back from BEAM about space on the bus. 

You must do this right away because classes fill up!

1) Create an account (you can do this right now)

Go to the Yale Splash website.

If this is your first time at Yale Splash, create an account by clicking on "Sign Up" at the top.
If you've been to Yale Splash before, click "Log in" at the top and sign in with your account.

2) Sign up for classes (beginning 10/07 at 4pm)


  • Fill up your schedule completely. Don't leave gaps when you are not in class. Instead, try something new!

  • This year, BEAM will be arriving on time for the first class of the day (9:30am); again, please sign up for a class in every block.

  • Say that you will buy lunch. We want to make sure everyone eats! You can find the options under "lunch and shirt preferences". Then, select which lunch you will eat.

    • You also have to enroll in lunch as a class period on your schedule.

    • If you are eligible for financial aid (see below), the lunch will be free. (Also! Select a t-shirt size. A free t-shirt is included with financial aid.)

    • If you are not eligible for financial aid (see below), the lunch cost will be included in the fee you pay. (You can choose to buy or not buy a t-shirt.)

  • Request financial aid (or pay $20).

    • Each family is different, so judge for yourself if paying $20 is a hardship or if you should request financial aid.

    • Depending on your family income, most BEAM students will not have to pay to attend Yale Splash. You can request financial aid by filling out the form.

      • If you are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, you can expect Yale Splash to be free.

      • If you are not eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, but you also cannot afford $20, write a little to explain why financial aid is necessary. You might talk about the cost of living in NYC or a particular challenge that prevents you from paying the $20 at this time.

    • If, in the end, you are not eligible for financial aid, you will have to pay $20.


Go to the Yale Splash website to sign up.

3) Sign up with BEAM to REQUEST A spot on the bus

Just fill out this form:

We will be back in touch around Tuesday, October 16th regarding space. 

4) Parents must sign the liability waivers

Yale Splash requires liability waivers in order to attend.

You must send a picture of the form to BEAM by Friday, October 19th. You can send the picture to our email at Then, you must bring the paper form on 10/27.

5) Come to Bryant Park on October 27th!!

Be on time! We have to get to Yale early enough to make the first class.

You should arrive at 6:40am. Call us if you are running late. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to wait, but we may be able to hold one bus for you. Yes! This is early, but Yale Splash is so worth it. 

We should be back in NYC at around 8:30pm, but if there is heavy traffic we may get in around 9pm.

See you at Yale!