BEAM Discovery will take place in 2019 in two cities, New York and Los Angeles.  

Information is coming soon about staff for 2019! For now, here’s some info on our staff from 2018.

LA Staff


Alphonso Lucero

Alphonso is originally from LA county and went to school at Iowa State where he studied math. He spent two years teaching high school math in Las Vegas with Teach For America. He left the classroom to go to graduate school at UC Riverside where he is now working on his PhD in math. He is passionate about mathematics education in the US and hopes to contribute to developing a new style of teaching for modern mathematics. On the weekends he enjoys being active, hanging out with friends, and working on his classic cars.

Javier Ronquillo Rivera

Javier recently got his PhD in mathematics at Ohio University. Javier grew up in Guatemala City where he enjoyed leading the program that prepared high school students to participate in International Mathematics Olympiads. He loves finding connections between theater games or dance with math. Outside of math Javier likes acting, singing, playing the guitar, hiking and playing soccer.

Lee-Kai Wang

Lee-kai Wang is a bioinformatics research associate at UCLA, studying the genetics of neurodevelopmental disorders. He holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from MIT and previously worked in finance. He moved to Los Angeles in 2016 and is loving getting to know new parts of the city and its residents. Most of all, he is thrilled to be part of BEAM this summer!

Lisa Garcia

Ms. Garcia loves teaching high school. She enjoys making connections with her students and helping guide them on their journey in math and school. Her goal is to help students see the beauty of math in our world.

Sarah Yoseph

Sarah Yoseph is a recent graduate of Claremont Graduate University from the Master's program for Mathematics. Sarah also attended Loyola Marymount University and Santa Monica College where she studied and taught math to middle school, high school, and college students of varying math levels. She wants to continue teaching in Los Angeles where she is from most likely at a community college in Southern California. In her free time, Sarah enjoys travel, family time, dance, and developing websites that promote the participation of women in mathematics.


Andrew Thai

Andrew Thai is a rising sophomore at Williams College where he studies computer science and math. He is involved with various campus organizations including the Chinese American Student Association and the Zambezi Marimba Band. He enjoys a variety of activities ranging from musical performance to magic tricks.

Daniel Gordon

Daniel Gordon is a rising senior at Wesleyan University, majoring in both Computer Science and English. In the past, he served as a counselor at a sleep away camp for two years, working as the wood shop activity counselor. Daniel also worked at the Wesleyan Traveler's Lab, a multi-school project focused on applying modern statistical modeling techniques to medieval documents and resources. When he's not working, Daniel loves to read books, write, build things, and play both piano and saxophone.

Galadriel Brady

Galadriel Brady is a current Math-CS major and TA at Brown. Before attending Brown she traveled for six years and worked various jobs such as cafes and administration for tech startups. Before that, she attended middle and high school in LA. In her free time she enjoys reading, watching movies, and playing frisbee.

Hector Flores

Hector Flores is an undergraduate student at UC Merced studying Mechanical Engineering and will start his second year this fall. He is fascinated by Mathematics and Sciences which influenced his decision to major in STEM. In his free time he enjoys browsing the web, more specifically YouTube and Netflix, playing video games, and exercising to keep himself active.

Juan Gonzalez

Juan Gonzalez is a current first generation student at California State University of Long Beach where he is majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in applied mathematics. Born and raised in south Los Angeles, Juan believes that, regardless of your race or background, anyone has the potential to obtain a higher education. His goal at BEAM is to inspire those of similar upbringing to seek a degree in the STEM fields. In his free time he plays soccer with friends, plays billiards at school.

Manuel Mendoza

Manuel Mendoza is a junior attending UC Merced. He is pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering. During high school, he was an intern for the California Science Center and a youth facilitator for Play for Peace. In college, he was an assistant project manager for the Merced Children's Museum engineering service learning project. I enjoy to paint, play video games, and read comics in my free time.

Marquia Williams

Marquia Williams is a senior at the State University of New York at Oswego where she majors in Mathematics. Apart from her studies, she is an advisor for the Caribbean Student Association and a member of the Student Conduct Committee. During this summer she has been doing research in combinatorics with her academic advisor. In her free time, she likes to dance, cook, and spend time with family and close friends.

Megan Manquen

Megan Manquen is a senior at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. She is pursuing a degree in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science. At school she is on the board of the Pepperdine Active Minds chapter that focuses on bringing awareness to mental illnesses and their effects on the community, and she is on the board of the campus Mathematics club. Alongside school, she works as a tutor to the local middle and high school students in Malibu. In her free time, she will be spending time with her family or watching a baseball game.

Mohammad Hossain

Mohammad Hossain is an undergraduate student from CSU Northridge majoring in computer engineering and a minor is mathematics. He has been part of many other groups such as Heart of Los Angeles, Gear Up and LA Critical Mass and hopes to find many other philanthropic communities. During his free time, he enjoys biking in the streets of LA, playing sports or traveling to the national parks in USA

Nick Sweeney

Nick Sweeney is a second-year student at The University of Chicago, where he is majoring in Mathematics. On campus, you may find him competing as a Model UN delegate, writing & discussing short stories in a creative writing workshop, or going on climbing trips with the bouldering club at his school. In his free time, his hobbies include distance running, reading books & articles, discovering new music to listen to, and playing old video games as he pretends to be a kid again. This will be his first year as a counselor at BEAM, and he looks forward to helping make BEAM 6 LA a fun, memorable, and educational experience for all involved!

Paula Suárez

Paula Suárez is currently a student at Salem State University in Massachusetts where she is focusing on attaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Education, with a minor in Psychology, and her Master’s Degree in Education. Aside from her full-time student responsibilities, she is actively involved in ministry where her primary goal is to spark the potential and voice of youth. In her free time, you can find her trying out new experiences, planning her next adventure or trip, hanging out with friends and family, searching for good deals on Groupon, watching Netflix, or reading a good book.

Ricardo Espino

Ricardo Espino is a rising junior at Swarthmore College where he is majoring in Peace and Conflict studies and minoring in Arabic. At Swarthmore, Ricardo is a part of ENLACE, the only Latinx group on campus that focuses on fostering a strong and supportive Latinx community on campus and in the greater Swarthmore area. In his free time, Ricardo enjoys playing soccer, video games, working out and reading books that are not a part of a syllabus.

Rose Adkisson

Rose Adkisson is a current student at La Salle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, majoring in Mathematics and Secondary Education. Her days are filled with studying, tutoring in the Mathematics Department, and working as an RA in the dorms. In her free time, Rose can be found in coffee shops, usually reading books about mountaineering or the Vietnamese-American War.

Sammy Stephen

Sammy Stephen is a rising senior at Wesleyan University majoring in English Lit. During her time at Wesleyan, Sammy worked as an RA, a tutor, sang Eastern European folk, and coordinated the tutoring program. Sammy loves working with children, animals, and strives to be some version of a Disney princess. In her free time, she is reading and working on her senior thesis. In the future, she would love to be a preschool teacher.

Yifei Li

Yifei Li is a rising Junior at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona where he majored in pure/teaching Mathematics. It is her fourth year getting the education in the United States, and the experience volunteered in elementary school and worked as an after-school tutor in high school helps her grow a lot. She is on the board of an on-campus nonprofit group called the Chinese student and scholar association which helping away from-home Chinese students in their life, study and serves as a bridge between the Chinese and other communities. She likes listening to music, reading news, hiking and playing sports in her free time. It would be her first time in BEAM, and she is looking forward exploring knowledge and seeking adventures with students and peers together.

Zavier Jenkins

In 2011 Zavier was student for BEAM in its first year. Now he is returning as a Counselor! Zavier is a student at SUNY Albany, studying computer science. Outside of school he takes time to learn about art. He enjoys 3D modeling, games, and skateboarding with his friends.

Junior Counselors

David Hernandez

David Hernandez a recent high-school graduate, where he took AP Calculus. He will be attending San Francisco State University this upcoming fall where he will major in Sociology. In his free time you can catch him playing sports at the local YMCA, checking his email daily at the YMCA, and checking up on college at the YMCA. He does a lot at the YMCA.

Other Staff

Director of Student Life: Valerie Sandoval

Valerie Sandoval is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California where she majored in Social Work. She is currently applying to USC’s PhD program in Neurobiology and hopes to have a private practice in the future. On her free time, she volunteers at Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk and enjoys learning and fostering an individual’s self-growth. When she isn’t volunteering, she spends her weekends with her fiancé at the beach with her two Yorkie puppies or with family. She is an avid reader and relishes in watching old classic movies.

Nurse: Bethany Araujo

Bethany Araujo is a Registered Nurse living in Los Angeles. She studied both visual arts and nursing at Rhode Island College in her hometown of Providence. With the intention of becoming a Certified Nurse-Midwife, Bethany typically works in labor and delivery in the hospital. In the past, she has worked as a nurse for a sleep-away camp in Maine, taking care of over 300 children ages 7-15. In her free time, Bethany continues to practice art and enjoys traveling along the west coast.