Employment Paperwork Needed from BEAM Discovery Summer Employees

If you need an extension on any item, email the person who sent you the offer or your site director as soon as possible to discuss this.

If you are an international student applying for OPT/CPT, you should begin the process immediately by speaking to the international students office at your school. If you need a letter or other information from us, let us know as soon as possible.


  • Rick Iandoli (ricki@artofproblemsolving.org) will be emailing you employment paperwork to sign and return, including a background check authorization form (see below for a full list). Send this back within two weeks of getting the email.

+ Items that Rick will request (click to expand)

Rick will send you a personalized packet of documents to sign. These will include:

  • Employment offer.
  • Media release.
  • If working in NYS, family leave waiver.
  • If working in NYS, wage theft law acknowledgement.
  • If you haven't signed one for us in the last three years: background check authorization.

Please do not send the background check authorization form over email as it contains your SSN and other personal information. Instead, we recommend you snail mail it.


  • Submit medical paperwork.

    • If you are 18 or over (New York City Only): we need you to have a medical professional certify that you do not pose a health risk to children; here is our our standard form to certify this.

    • If you are under 18: we need you to have a medical professional certify that you do not pose a health risk to children, and also give us permission to give you medication (in case something happens); here is our our standard form to certify this.

    • If you're working in Los Angeles: You also need to submit a negative tuberculosis risk assessment or negative tuberculosis test result dated after April 20, 2019.

  • Complete registration and all employment paperwork with Justworks, the website we use for payment. This has not been set up yet for this summer but you will receive an email when it is.

  • On Justworks, complete the online sexual harassment training.

  • Complete the sexual abuse and molestation training and send us the certificate of completion. Here is what you need to do:

    • Create user account by using this custom link (you MUST use the following link or else the course fee will not be waived):


    • After logging in, click on the red "Browse All" button on the welcome page.

    • On Course Descriptions Page, select "Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect", which is in the second row of courses at the far right of the page.

    • On Training Details Page, Select "Launch" to begin course material.

    • You will have the option to print a Certificate of Completion once the training is complete. Please save a digital copy and email it to ricki@artofproblemsolving.org.

  • Watch the online training videos. By taking the exposition out of our in-person training, we can have more time for role play, discussion, and set up. The total online training should take no more than two hours and the modules can be found below.

  • Read the Employee Policies Manual, found here.

  • You should also read the Summer Procedures Manual for you specific site.

    • For Discovery LA, click here.

    • For Discovery NYC Uptown, click here.

    • For Discovery NYC Downtown, click here.

  • If you are under 18: you must get working papers from your school and should start that process now.


  • Show us your I-9 document(s) (and working permit if you're under 18): please remember to bring them!

  • Sign acknowledgement that you’ve attended training and read the Employee Handbook.