What can I expect at BEAM?

The BEAM Discovery program is a 5-week day-camp focused around mathematics and problem solving.  In addition to the classes, you will also enjoy games, sports, and optional field trips.

The program is completely free, including all activities, field trips, transportation, and weekday breakfast and lunch.

Admissions are competitive: this is a camp for sixth-graders who think they might like math, like solving puzzles, and want to see what else is out there.

This year BEAM Discovery will take place in both New York City and Los Angeles:  

  • The New York program will be from July 8 to August 9, 2019. BEAM Discovery NYC will be held at two locations: Uptown (to serve students coming from the Bronx and Upper Manhattan) and Downtown (to serve students coming from Brooklyn, Queens, and Lower Manhattan).

  • The Los Angeles program will be from June 24 to July 26, 2019, at a school in the Koreatown or Pico-Union neighborhood.

Exact program locations will be announced in the spring. 

BEAM is an accepting and inclusive environment, and we seek to be a safe space for everyone. We want to welcome you as you are, and bring you to somewhere you can be yourself.


About the Other Students

BEAM brings together amazing students from all over the city.  Each campus hosts about 100 students, chosen because they like math and they want to challenge themselves to do more.

Everyone at the program wants to learn amazing things and likes solving interesting puzzles.  Beyond that, some students are into music, sports, art, or writing.  Everyone has different hobbies: one of the great things about the program is meeting everyone else and making new friends.

A Day at BEAM

You'll be at BEAM for about seven hours a day, five days a week (plus some optional weekend field trips!). On this and the following pages, you'll learn more about BEAM staff, classes, and activities.



College students studying to be mathematicians and engineers will be your counselors and teaching assistants.  They will also be running activities to help you meet everyone.  Some of the counselors are BEAM alumni themselves, students who went through The BEAM Pathway Program. They can share how BEAM helped them during their middle school and high school years as they prepared for college, support you can expect if you apply to and are admitted to BEAM Pathway!


We call our teachers “faculty,” which is the word you will use in college.  Our faculty spend the year as classroom teachers and college professors.  They teach classes in the morning and afternoon. They also join you for Open Math Time, a time of day where students and staff choose what math to work on. 


BEAM classes are designed to both challenge and engage you. You'll take courses in four areas: Logic, Math Fundamentals, Math Team Strategies, and Applied Math. There's more about the math on a later page!



BEAM isn't all math all the time! We want to make sure you make friends, get to know staff, and build community. We do that through activities and field trips. There's more about recreation on a later page!

After BEAM Discovery

The summer at BEAM Discovery is only the start.  After the summer you will receive:

  • A list of high quality programs and scholarships to which you can apply,

  • The chance to take a free online pre-algebra course (normally $674),

  • Opportunities to study math on the weekends, and

  • An invitation to apply to the BEAM Pathway Program, a free summer program on a college campus next summer, which will continue to support you all the way through college applications.

Students who are admitted to the BEAM Pathway Program enter a 5-year program that opens doors and gives them support for all of 8th grade and through high school to allow them to keep growing and learning.