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What can I expect at BEAM?

At Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM), you'll get to experience an environment unlike any other. You'll live on a college campus in upstate New York, surrounded by nature as you study new and interesting mathematics taught by the best instructors from across the nation. You'll also enjoy games, sports, and optional field trips like hiking and stargazing.

The program is three weeks and free. We'll also provide a bus from New York City to campus at the start and back at the end. Admissions are competitive: this is a camp for seventh-graders who think they might like math, like solving puzzles, and want to see what else is out there.

This year, BEAM will take place from July 9 to July 30, 2017. The program will be held in the Hudson Valley at two colleges, Bard College and a second location that will be announced soon. 

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About the Other Students

BEAM brings together amazing students from all over the city. It's 40 people, chosen because they like math and they want to challenge themselves to do more.

Everyone at the program wants to learn amazing things and likes solving interesting puzzles. Beyond that, some students are into music, or sports, or art, or writing. Everyone has different hobbies: one of the great things about the program is meeting everyone else and making friends for life.

Life at BEAM

Live in college dorms, study the most interesting math, meet friends who are studying with you, and explore a new place with activities, hiking, and trips. Discover the most incredible summer of your life.

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College student counselors will be your "residential advisors," helping you adjust to life on campus and running activities to help you meet everyone. They'll live in the dorms with you and be around at all hours to help you with anything you need.


Your teachers will also be on-campus with you, eating meals with you in the cafeteria and always available to talk about math or anything else. They'll run activities and games. We call our teachers "faculty," which is the word you will use in college. 


Classes of all types will be held in college classrooms. You'll get to choose what you learn, with 3-4 choices between your main topic for the week. Then everyone comes together each day for a problem-solving session where you'll work in groups to solve challenging problems.

Each evening, there will be some time set aside for everyone in each class to gather and work on problems together.

Field Day


The campus has big fields for sports, and all kinds of spaces for games and more. During the summer, music and theater groups will come to campus, and you'll be able to see some of them perform if you like.

In the afternoon, the counselors will run various organized activities. In the evenings, you'll have free time to hang out or do what you like. On the weekends, we'll have field trips and activities on-campus.

The Dorms

The dorms are typical college dorms. Most of the rooms are doubles, so you'll share your room with one other person. Genders will be divided by floor, so there will be a floor of boys and a floor of girls, each with their own residential counselors. Each floor has a shared bathroom and a lounge.

Learn More

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