Student Advising Assistant

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics, a project of the Art of Problem Solving Foundation, is seeking a Student Advising Assistant. You'll be part of a close-knit team helping exceptional young people to achieve their full potential. As Student Advising Assistant, you'll lead the implementation of our high school advising program. You will coordinate other staff members' work as advisors and also advise many students yourself. In addition to coordinating advising, you will assist with other program tasks, including hiring, student admissions, and our summer programs for students. BEAM offers you a special opportunity to work closely with a small, dedicated staff and to be an integral part of putting the program together.

About the Program

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM) helps underserved New York City middle school students with talent in math enter a realistic pathway towards becoming scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and programmers. We organize summer programs for students who have just finished 6th and 7th grade to help them study advanced math, and then we work with the students and their families throughout middle school and high school to help them navigate the educational system and continue their studies.

During their 8th grade year, BEAM organizes a number of events to support students and families. We hold weekly office hours for students where they can come in with any questions: application help, homework help, or whatever else they need. We hold information sessions for students and parents where they can learn how to apply to good high schools and summer programs, and we give each student customized recommendations for their next steps. We have reunions and field trips where they can explore places like Google, the Museum of Mathematics, and Yale University.

When students enter high school, BEAM provides individual advising to each student to help them navigate the many educational opportunities that are open to them.  Because each of our students is in a different place academically, it's important that we give each the advice that will help them reach their potential.  We fill the role of a highly informed parent, pointing students to the many opportunities we've researched, pestering them to apply, helping them navigate high school, and ultimately helping them succeed at college admissions.  Your primary role would be in coordinating this advising program.  You would advise students directly and support the rest of our staff with their advisees.

The advising program is unlikely to take your full time, so your extra time will be spent supporting BEAM's work in a variety of other ways.  This part of the job can be customized to your skills, but it may include office work, event logistics, coordinating our hiring process, or many other possible tasks.

Your Role

The most crucial aspect of your job will be in coordinating our advising program.  You will assign students to advisors, coordinate advising meetings, and ensure that advisors are making good progress with their advisees.  You will research programs and opportunities for students, and provide training to advisors.  You will monitor deadlines for relevant programs and make sure that we help our students apply on-time to those programs.

The advising program is unlikely to take your full time; the other half will be spent in a support role for the program.  Depending on your interests and skills, examples include writing alumni newsletters, managing logistics for some alumni events, bookkeeping, replying to our public-contact e-mail list, or any of the myriad other tasks that we are constantly working on.  We hope that this provides you the opportunity to stretch yourself and continue to gain new skills as you work with BEAM.


Above all, we are looking for someone who communicates well (both verbally and in written form), works well independently, has an entrepreneurial spirit, and who is devoted to the work that we do.

Minimum qualifications include:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Extremely organized and responsible; there will be lots of moving pieces to keep track of!
  • Strong ability to bond with the students.
  • Good background in science and/or mathematics and enthusiasm for the subjects.
  • Computer aptitude, including familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel, and the ability to pick up new computer skills quickly.
  • The ability to understand and then explain forms and bureaucracy, such as the NYC high school admissions process, applications to various summer programs, and college applications.
  • A true dedication to helping individual students: someone who will get to know them on a personal level and go the extra mile to make sure they get the best outcomes possible.

Additional pluses may include:

  • Fluency in Spanish.
  • Experience with the NYC high school selection process, or with admission to summer programs or colleges.
  • Experience working with children or families of children.
  • Strong skills in Microsoft Office, especially Word and Excel; knowledge of mail merge a plus.
  • Experience with Salesforce.
  • Fast typing skills or experience doing data entry.
  • Experience coordinating logistics with external vendors. (For example: printing, event space, catering, bus charters.)

Salary and Benefits

Salary will be $43,000/year.

During the academic year, the work location will generally be our office in midtown Manhattan.  However, events during the year may take place in other areas in Manhattan, and you may take students to events such as MATHCOUNTS throughout New York City.  During the summer, you may work from one of our residential sites or from our office, depending on your interests and our needs during the summer.  Because we are working with students who attend school, some evening and/or weekend work is likely to be needed.

The Art of Problem Solving Foundation is a small organization and we do not currently provide health insurance as a benefit. We can provide assistance arranging personal health insurance, which all of us have done.  We are likely to add health insurance as a benefit in the next 1-2 years.

We provide 8 paid holidays and an additional 15 days of paid time off (which includes both vacation and sick days; we do not distinguish between the two). Paid time off will increase by one day for each year worked for your first five years of employment.

We generally provide a very flexible work schedule.  You can work from home when needed, or take some hours off to run errands and make them up at another time.  As a small team, we are very accommodating of individual needs.

BEAM also provides opportunities for training and professional development to its staff.  We will cover the costs of relevant training and conferences as appropriate.

Application Process

To apply, please send a cover letter and resumé to

We believe in the importance of demonstrated ability and work samples. A few applicants will be chosen for the second stage, where we will ask you to complete sample projects to show us your work. From there, some applicants will proceed to an interview which will be the final step of the hiring process.

We will accept applications on a rolling basis until the position is filled. The start date for the position is June 1, although depending on budget we may be able to hire you sooner.


We believe strongly in communication and collaboration. In the spirit of that collaborative atmosphere, we strongly encourage you to ask questions about the position!

We're very excited that you're interested in the program. Thank you for applying to BEAM.

The BEAM Staff