BEAM will pay for your tuition to the Art of Problem Solving's online Prealgebra course!  Taking this class will make you much more advanced in all kinds of school math, and allows you to be in a classroom with other math students from all over the country. This is a really fun opportunity and will get you more in touch with the greater community of young mathematicians.

Who is this class right for?

This course is much more difficult than most classes in school, and is not right for everyone.  But if you want a bigger challenge and will put in the time to learn the material, you can really get ahead. One thing we will ask you to do before you start the class is finish both the "Arithmetic - Addition" and "Arithmetic - Multiplication" topics in Alcumus.

What kind of technology do i need?

You need a computer with a working, reliable internet connection (a smartphone is not enough, you need a computer).  If you don't have one, you can go to a friend's house from BEAM or to a public library.

If you want to take the class but don't have computer access, contact BEAM and we'll try to help you out.

Other than the computer, you just need a pencil and paper during class.  The class only uses text; you do not need audio to participate.

You should make sure everything works before class: on the computer you will use for class, go to, and make sure you can log in.

What else should i know?

The class has homework which is all online, and you must keep up with it to stay in the class!  The problems will be really interesting, but you must get them done.

What if I have a problem logging in?

If it is before the class, e-mail If you are trying to log in for class and it is not working, call BEAM at (888) 264-2793.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the form below!