Founding Program Manager: BEAM National Programs

About BEAM

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM) works to create realistic pathways for students from low-income and historically marginalized communities to become scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and programmers. We believe that math is beautiful, and all students should have access to deep and interesting math; that STEM careers provide a critical gateway to fulfilling, well-paid careers; and that more and more power and influence in society is centered around science and technology, so broader access is even more important. However, the doors to these opportunities are closed because underserved students do not have the same opportunities for advanced study as more affluent peers.

Our program is unique because while many efforts focus on achieving minimum competency or gaining basic exposure to STEM work, we help kids to access advanced math from an early age: they learn to solve challenging problems, develop reasoning skills, and ultimately begin doing mathematical proof on abstract topics. Moreover, we believe in a deep investment with our students, supporting those who pursue STEM from middle school all the way to college graduation. We believe that advanced work and a deep, long-term personal investment can open the doors to STEM careers.

Currently, BEAM’s programs operate in New York City and Los Angeles. We begin in middle school with intensive summer programs (after 6th and 7th grade). Following those programs, we provide Saturday classes and individual advising through high school. Students interested in declaring STEM majors continue to receive personal advising through to college.

Our focus is on giving kids access to the same programs and resources that their more affluent peers attend: specialized programs for advanced study; top high schools; great colleges. Successes include students admitted to top high schools such as Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, and Bard High School Early College (with over 50% admitted each year to what we identify as “Tier 1” high schools in New York), as well as 90%+ college enrollment with many at top colleges ranging from Yale to Barnard to USC. BEAM students have also gone on to highly selective summer programs for continued enrichment. Also important is that they feel like part of a family with us; many stay in touch and give back, working for us as counselors at our summer programs.

BEAM's work has been featured in the New York Times and the Atlantic. The Times article, in particular, is a good description of the early experience for students. You may also find it helpful to view our annual report.

New National Initiative

While BEAM’s initial programs have shown considerable success and growth, we currently work only in New York City and Los Angeles and the pace of growth of our intensive local programs is inherently limited. Hence, we are piloting a program to give students nationwide access to a modified version of BEAM’s program.

The national program will, when fully at scale, have several components:

  • Online learning opportunities beginning in elementary school.

  • Local BEAM Discovery programs (summer after 6th grade), run by school districts and community groups. We will provide packaged versions of our program for local use.

  • A national BEAM Pathway Program including a national residential program; individual mentoring and advising through online video chat; and once-a-year national gatherings/conferences through college graduation.

We have received funding to develop and pilot the local BEAM Discovery programs, and hence the initial focus of this position will be on launching a local program.


We are looking for a talented and passionate leader to lay the groundwork for our national program, ensure a successful implementation by a partner district, and support the evaluation firm in measuring outcomes.

The role proceeds in stages over the course of the first fourteen months:

  • In the late spring of 2019 (if your start date allows, see below), you will focus on finding a district partner and building a relationship with them; working with the evaluator to develop a measurement model; and building and coordinating an advisory board who will assist in developing materials.

  • During the summer of 2019, you will act as a deputy director for one of our summer sites and coordinate the visit of district partners.

  • During the fall of 2019, you will prepare detailed documentation to package the running of BEAM’s programs, in collaboration with district leaders and the advisory board who will advise on what is and isn’t possible. You will also coordinate BEAM faculty members in packaging successful summer courses.

  • During the spring of 2020, you will develop and implement training for district leaders and teachers and continue preparing curricular materials.

  • During the summer of 2020, you will visit partner sites to monitor fidelity to our model and ensure that the evaluation firm is able to gather all needed data.

  • During the fall of 2020, you will write up results for broader dissemination and propose next steps. You will also revise our program materials and support the continued evaluation work.

We consider this an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new initiative.

This is a pilot program, and so after the first year your role will likely shift. In future years, you might lead the rollout of another aspect of our national program (such as the online component or the national residential component); you might scale up the district partnerships; or you might begin working with one of our local offices.

This position reports to the National Executive Director. There will be additional support from other staff members as needed and for specific tasks.

Key Responsibilities

Partnership Management

  • Develop and sustain partnership with pilot district.

  • Assemble and coordinate project advisory board.

  • Coordinate and support the work of the evaluation firm.

  • Support district needs in implementation of the program.

  • Develop and provide training for district leaders and teachers.

  • Monitor fidelity of implementation during the pilot summer year.

Program Design and Planning

  • Develop a measurement model for this program with the evaluation firm.

  • Become an expert in BEAM’s existing programming.

  • Work with the district and the advisory board to customize BEAM’s existing program to fit district needs and budgets.

  • Develop revision plans and future implementation recommendations based on outcomes from the pilot year.

Packaging Materials

  • Develop a complete manual for running the BEAM Discovery program as modified for districts and community partners.

  • Coordinate the packaging of curricula for use at these programs.

  • Revise material based on first year implementation.


  • Experienced working with school districts. Understanding of district priorities, communication preferences, needs, and budgets. This is a good role for teachers or administrators who want to transition to a different kind of role.

  • Highly organized. Able to balance multiple, simultaneous priorities and different projects.

  • Clear communicator. Able to organize large amounts of information, and to take complex ideas and distill them into actionable guides. Prior experience with larger writing projects preferred; feel free to submit a sample.

  • Outstanding writing skills. Able to write clear, compelling text.

  • Attention to detail, especially for all the different aspects of program design that lead to a great experience.

  • Able to represent BEAM professionally and compellingly to stakeholders such as districts or peer organizations.

Additional pluses include:

  • Prior experience documenting processes or curriculum.

  • Prior experience leading professional development or trainings.

  • Experience with education research or evaluation processes, methodology, and participant consent requirements.

  • Experience with laws and policies surrounding student data and confidentiality.

  • Professional experience working in a growing organization.

  • Strong STEM background.

  • Ability to speak other languages, especially Spanish.

More holistically, we’re looking for someone who has passion for what we do; who is good at taking initiative and moving projects forward; and who maintains a high standard of quality in their work. While we value relevant experience highly, we find that an entrepreneurial spirit is often most important to success in our fast-moving organization.

Commitment to Diversity

BEAM believes that our staff, at all levels and across all roles, should represent the backgrounds of the students we serve. We are committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment. Beyond a commitment to nondiscrimination, we strongly encourage applications from underrepresented and marginalized communities.

Other Details

Salary will be commensurate with experience and competitive with comparable positions for organizations of a similar size. Based on similar roles in nonprofits of a comparable size, we expect a salary in the range of $55,000-$75,000 depending on experience.

We are aiming for a start date of early/mid-May, but may be open to other dates if needed.

The Art of Problem Solving Initiative, Inc. offers benefits including health, dental, vision, commuter benefits, and paid time off. BEAM's work hours are also highly flexible and we can accommodate a variety of schedules, including the opportunity to work remotely at times.

The position will be based in our New York City offices, currently in the Financial District but moving to lower midtown (in space provided by the Edwin Gould Foundation).

To apply, please e-mail a cover letter and resumé to We prefer initial communication by e-mail rather than by phone.


Thank you for applying to BEAM. If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us by e-mail.