Do you attend a BEAM partner school? Find out when we are visiting your school!

Please note: IS 318 and MS 223 are no longer partner schools.

On the day of your Admissions Challenge, please bring your completed application form and the (optional) portfolio.

BEAM Admissions Visit Schedule

  • Academy of Applied Math & Technology (MS 343): Tuesday, February 6
  • City College Academy of the Arts: Friday, March 2
  • CIS 303: Wednesday, February 7
  • East Side Community High School: Wednesday, February 28
  • Excellence Boys Charter School: Friday, February 9
  • Girls Prep Lower East Side: Monday, February 5
  • IS 77: Wednesday, February 7
  • KIPP STAR: Thursday, February 8
  • MS 324, Patria Mirabal: Wednesday, February 14
  • South Bronx Early College Academy: Friday, February 9
  • TEP Charter: Friday, February 9
  • Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science: Tuesday, February 13
  • Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women: Thursday, March 1
  • Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School: Tuesday, February 27
  • WHEELS: Wednesday, February 28

What if my school isn't on that list?

If you attend IS 318, MS 223, or any other school not on this list, you will have to come to NYU on Saturday, March 3 at 3:30pm to take the Admissions Challenge. 

Can't make it on March 3? That's okay! Contact BEAM and we will schedule a Saturday or weeknight appointment for you to take the Admissions Challenge. 

Please call or email BEAM if you have any further questions!