The math will probably be unlike anything you’ve seen in middle school.  You will be challenged and engaged every day. 

In each class you will solve interesting and difficult problems, learning how to approach them even when you have no idea (at first) what to do.  You’ll learn logic (how to think mathematically), math fundamentals (the “why” of math), math team strategies (how to be faster, more clever), and applied math (where math shows up in the world around us).  While all students study these same four topics, each student also gets to craft their own schedule, choosing which version of the class to take.  

Sample Problems

At camp, you'll learn how to do all of the following problems and much more. (Try them out, but don't worry if you can't do them: that's why you're coming to the program!)

  • How many whole numbers less than 600 are multiples of both 8 and 11?
  • Lismary starts doodling in her notebook. First, she draws a hexagon, which has 6 sides. Then she draws two hexagons next to each other, and she counts 11 sides. Then she draws three hexagons next to each other, and she counts 16 sides. If she keeps going, how many sides will there be when she draws 50 hexagons next to each other? 
  • 0. _ _ _ + 0. _ _ _ + 0. _ _ _
    Write the digits 1-9 into the sum above, using each digit exactly once, to make it as close to 1 as possible. The sum can be over or under; all that matters is how far it is from 1. How close to 1 can you get it? How do you know that's as close to 1 as you can get?