Yohely and Hilda in class


The math we'll do is probably unlike anything you've seen before. It's more like solving a puzzle than anything else.

You'll learn to solve interesting and difficult problems, how to approach them even when you have no idea (at first) what to do. You'll also learn new fields of mathematics that you might never study carefully in school: fields like combinatorics or number theory. You might learn about different sizes of infinity, or how computers send secret data online, or how to win different kinds of games. You'll also have a chance to learn some computer programming. All of this while also learning some algebra and talking and being with friends who like learning math.

Sample Problems

At camp, you'll learn how to do all of the following problems and much more. (Try them out, but don't worry if you can't do them: that's why you're coming to the program!)

  1. What is the last digit of \(283^{2016}\)?
  2. How many four-digit numbers are multiples of 7?
  3. A five-legged Martian has a drawer full of socks, each of which is red, white, or blue, and there are at least five socks of each color. The Martian pulls out one sock at a time without looking. How many socks must the Martian remove to be certain there will be 5 socks of the same color? (This one comes from a math competition known as the AMC 8.)

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