Want to join us at BEAM?

Most students are recommended to BEAM by their math teacher, but we also welcome contact from parents and students who meet the following criteria. 

BEAM 6 invites applications from students who:

  • Are currently in 6th grade
  • Live in New York City or Los Angeles
  • Demonstrate financial eligibility for BEAM's programs*

We are currently accepting applications for summer 2018.  While there is no official deadline, we recommend that you complete the eligibility form by mid-January for the greatest chance of admission.  Late applicants will still be considered for a place on the BEAM wait list.

*BEAM is designed to support students who are underrepresented in STEM careers. Our primary admissions criteria are mathematical (are you ready for BEAM’s programs?) with priority given to those who come from lower-income families or who wouldn’t otherwise have access to similar programs.

Historically, the median family income for students attending BEAM is $27,000 per year. BEAM does consider extenuating circumstances when making eligibility decisions. Please include this information in the financial eligibility form. 

Have questions about BEAM 6?

Check out the flyers below to learn more!


You're also welcome to get in touch with us with any questions you may have:


  • NYCinfo@beammath.org
  • LAinfo@beammath.org