This Fall: BEAM’s Slightly-Mathy, Slightly-Puzzley Trivia Night!

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Join BEAM this November in LA along with many of our students and supporters for a fast-paced night of slightly-mathy trivia!

BEAM's unique trivia is not just about what you know — it also involves puzzles and team problem-solving. Past rounds have included:

  • Pop culture trivia — with an underlying logic puzzle to solve for bonus points.

  • Ordering children's books... by word count!

  • Interconnected science trivia, where each answer hints at the others.

  • Identifying game rules translated into other languages.

  • Identifying popular music from classical music covers.

Trivia Team

You'll work with some of our amazing students while enjoying an elegant dinner buffet, wine, and beer. You'll also be contributing to BEAM and learning more about how we prepare students for advanced work in math.

You can read about the 2016 trivia night on our blog.

The trivia night location will be in a convenient location, soon to be announced for each city! It’s not too soon to reserve your ticket now; just follow the instructions below. 

Also… Trivia Night is Family-Friendly!

Your team will already include a couple of BEAM students. Most kids 12+ should enjoy the event, and younger students who enjoy a mental workout should enjoy it as well.

Join BEAM on Tuesday, November 13th in LA

BEAM Trivia Night Los Angeles 11/13

Your ticket to the event includes $35 worth of services (food, drink, trivia event) plus a $100 tax-deductible gift to BEAM. 

The event will be held on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 from 6:30-9pm at C&O Cucina in Marina Del Rey. 

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