How to apply to CTY (Grade 8)

It’s time to apply to CTY, the Center for Talented Youth. This national program is one of the best summer opportunities to continue your advanced work—they offer great math like BEAM, but also all kinds of science, computer programming, writing, history, foreign languages, law classes, and much more. If you get in, you can go to this program each summer until you turn 17.

What is CTY?

CTY is a national talent search. They look for students with high potential and help them in their education. They have sites across the country, including some nearby in the northeast. They offer advanced classes on dozens of different topics. Each year, nearly 20 BEAM 8th graders go to CTY along with even more alumni and they loved it. Some said they liked it more than BEAM!

Although CTY costs a lot of money, they have good scholarships available for low-income families and special scholarships for BEAM alumni. You may also be eligible for CTY Scholars, a special scholarship fund that supports you into college. Many BEAM alumni have been CTY Scholars in the past. However, please note that undocumented immigrants do not qualify for CTY scholarships. If you are undocumented, you’re welcome to talk with us about your options.

Please Note: CTY has financial aid for students whose family annual income is under $75,000. If it is over $75,000, you likely will not qualify; however, you should talk to us about potential special circumstances.

Why Go?

You will learn many new topics and get to explore advanced subjects. You will get to stay on a college campus again and meet more new friends from many different backgrounds. You will take the next step on your educational journey.

How Do I Apply?

First, you sign up for the Talent Search by November 9th, 2019. You must take a test administered by CTY to qualify; BEAM has a special testing session on December 14th. You must also attend a study session for the test. We will contact you later with the exact dates and times for the study sessions.

Make sure that each step is completed below:

  • The completed “2019 Talent Search Application”. Follow the link to create an account and submit your application online:

  • When completing this application please make sure to use the BEAM code 1000501 in order to have a seat at a testing center with BEAM.

  • Pay attention to the directions for applying to financial aid and make sure you check all the necessary boxes.

  • If you qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, then the fee will be $10 to register for the exam. If you do not qualify, then the total cost due with the forms is $83-$120 ($45 for application and then $38 - $75 for the test). Make out checks to CTY/JHU, or give us cash and we will send the check. Talk with us to decide if this is worth it for you.

  • Once you receive a confirmation from CTY, e-mail Elyse with the student account code at

If you have any questions about the CTY application process please email