Congratulations on being accepted to the BEAM Pathway Program for 2019!  This summer, you will live on a college campus, learn amazing mathematics from top instructors, and discover great new friends who all love math.  After the summer, we will help you get into great high schools, other summer programs, math contests, and much more.

This page contains all the information you need for this summer.  Everything here has also been mailed to you. At the end of the summer, this page will announce alumni events and opportunities.

Pizza Lunch (Sign Up Here!)

Join us for a meal and learn more about the program.  You can meet our staff, students from past years, and many of the other students who will be joining you this summer!  We'll also answer any questions you have.

  • Pizza Lunch 1: Sunday, May 5, 2:30pm-4:00pm at 9 Dots. Directions.

  • Pizza Lunch 2: Saturday, May 18, 1:30pm-3:00pm at 9 Dots. Directions.

Please note that space is limited, so you may only attend one of the events.

To attend, please fill out this page so that we can order the correct amount of food.

Registration Material, Information, and Forms 

Drop-off Information 

On Sunday, June 23, all students will meet at a central location to board the bus to campus. Please arrive by 12pm (noon).  Information about the meeting spot will be provided later in the spring.


We've prepared a bunch of great math videos and a link to some nice math problems.

Challenge Problem

Here's the first Challenge Problem for this summer!  Challenge problems are given to everyone at the program and you can work together.

A palindrome is a number that reads the same backwards and forwards, such as 1331 or 97879.  Find a positive number other than 1 that divides all four-digit palindromes.  Why is every four-digit palindrome divisible by that number?

A complete answer to this question requires more than just finding the number (but that's probably the first step).  You also have to prove that it works: explain why every four-digit palindrome actually is divisible by that number.

That's all for now...

See you this summer, and don't forget to send e-mail or call if you have any questions.