What did last year's students say about BEAM Next?

It’s not that hard and helps with stress.
— Isabella, 11th grade at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics
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With support from BEAM Next, Isabella applied to NYU's ARISE program and was accepted. She spent the summer working in a lab at the Tandon School of Engineering, building and refining a walking robot.

Join it because you learn a lot of skills that help you in life.
— Luis, 10th grade at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics
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Do you miss your friends from BEAM? Do you want to do something fun on the weekend? Or do you just want to get out of your house? Come to BEAM's Saturday classes!


  • 11:45am - 1:15pm: 9th & 10th Life Skills (read more below)

  • 1:15pm - 2:15pm: Lunch, hangout with your friends, activities

  • 2:15pm - 3:45pm: Engaging math, science, and programming classes (read more below)

Pizza lunch will be provided!

Dates (Spring Trimester)

  • March 23 and 30

  • April 6, 13, 27

  • May 4



The program will be at NYU's Courant Institute. You can find directions here.

Field trips

Every other month or so we will have a special event instead of regular class. Examples include visiting a lab at a local university or visiting local STEM businesses. We will also have several panels, with opportunities to talk to professionals in different fields about their jobs.

These trips will only be open to BEAM Next students who have consistent attendance.


For 11th grade students: SAT/ACT Prep

By the fall of your senior year, you need the SAT or ACT score you're going to apply to college with. How important is this test score? Colleges will tell you that it's not the only thing they care about, and that's true: they do care about your grades, your essays, etc. But if you want to get into your dream school, and if you want to be considered for a scholarship, you need a test score that stands out. You don't have to be a genius to ace these tests. You do have to know your grammar rules, remember all the little topics from three years of math, and practice your strategies and timing. This class will give you practice tests, a full content review, and all the strategies for maximizing your score. 

For 9th and 10th grade students: Life Skills

This class will cover several different topics to help with school and life. Examples include study tips, managing stress, getting organized and using schedules, etc. You'll also get a chance to share with your BEAM friends how your week has been, what has gone well and what struggles you have, and brainstorm together how to improve.

Plus, pick one of the following courses:

Combinatorial Game Theory taught by Dan
Type of class: Theoretical math: we'll prove theorems
Difficulty: Hard - be ready for a serious challenge
Class Description: All kinds of games can be analyzed mathematically, and doing so reveals hidden and beautiful patterns. In this class, we'll learn the theory of impartial games with perfect information. We'll find out that you can actually add two games together and do algebra with games; and you can use that to develop a theory of games that shows that all games are secretly equivalent to each other.
You should take this class if: You enjoy theoretical math, love seeing unexpected patterns emerge, and are up for a challenge.
You shouldn't take this class if: You just want to play games (this isn't that!); we'll be proving theorems and solving challenging but fun problems.

Learn Programming with Python taught by Sarah
Type of class: Computer programming
Difficulty: Low to medium. You work a lot on your own, so you have to like being self-directed
Class Description: Learn to program with Python. Python is a computer language that's easy to get started with, but is widely used in the business world for a lot of different applications.
You should take this class if: You like programming computers or just want to try it out.
You shouldn't take this class if: you don't like working with computers, or self-study

Climate Change: Science and Policy taught by Mary
Type of class: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Engineering, History, and Politics
Difficulty: Moderate - you'll need to think, but it will all connect
Class Description: Global warming will be the most important scientific and social topic of your lifetime, so let’s make sure you have a solid understanding of it. We’ll look at the science of why global warming happens, how we know it’s happening, what its effects will be, and how we can slow or maybe reverse it.
You should take this class if: You want to be the person in your family or friend group who can explain global warming news, and/or if you might want to be the engineer who develops cost-effective carbon direct air capture!
You shouldn't take this class if: You wrote the Paris Climate Agreement. Or the Kyoto Protocol.

Math Magic taught by Xavier
Type of class: Exploratory math: we'll look for patterns and play around with them
Difficulty: Moderate: you'll need to think, but it will all connect
Class Description: Math is Magical. Explore the math behind some interesting magic tricks and when you have solved them you can show them off to your friends.
You should take this class if: You always hoped Magic was just another field of mathematics
You shouldn't take this class if: You are not ready to face the truth that Magic is just another field of mathematics

Email us (info@beammath.org) if you have any questions!