What Are they?

BEAM Challenge Sets are fun problems and puzzles for you to explore each month. Send your solutions back to us so that we can keep working on interesting challenging math with you!

Working on challenge sets is optional, but we hope you’ll try out the problems. They’re pretty interesting puzzles, and submitting your ideas will help you keep growing and help your BEAM Pathway Program application.

Click one of the buttons below to access printable copies of this month’s Challenge Set:

Challenge Set 2 is DUE on Tuesday, October 15. What does that mean?

Submitting Solutions

Whenever you’ve got challenge set ideas to share, great! Please send your ideas to BEAM. We’re always excited to see what you’re thinking about mathematics.

You can submit your challenge set ideas to BEAM by:

  • texting photos to (646) 653-0629

  • emailing text or photos to mathchallenges@beammath.org

  • mailing solutions to 55 Exchange Place, Suite 603, New York NY 10005

A BEAM Discovery faculty member will review your thoughts and give you feedback. We love reading your questions and seeing what you’re thinking. It’s totally okay to send partial solutions!

Each challenge set has a due date. If you answer 2 or more questions correctly by the due date, we’ll give you a shout out in the next challenge set. And if you answer 4 or more questions correctly, we’ll also send you some sweet BEAM swag.

If the due date has passed, you can still send us your solutions! You won’t be eligible for Solver or Top Solver status after the due date, but your ideas are always worth sharing.

Why Complete Challenge Sets?

It’s not just about the math facts; skills like persistence, creativity, and responding to feedback are important skills for all mathematicians to build. You can use Challenge Sets to practice those skills and improve! We give two awards to highlight students who are doing an excellent job of that:

  • The Persistence Award is for all students who earn Solver or Top Solver status on 5 or more challenge sets.

  • The Be Here to Grow Award is for students who make excellent revisions to their work, based on feedback they get from BEAM staff

Along with earning you prizes and teaching you new math, submitting challenge sets each month can also strengthen your application to the BEAM Pathway Program. Submitting challenge set solutions shows us that you’re pushing yourself to learn new math. That’s one of the things we look for in strong BEAM Pathway Program applications.

Solutions to Previous Sets

We post full solutions for each Challenge Set, so you can figure out where you got stuck and see other mathematicians’ solution strategies.

Each time we write solution sets, we “steal” interesting solutions that BEAM Discovery alumni have submitted. Maybe you’ll see your solution in an upcoming set!