BEAM College Support

College is about improving your independence, but does not mean doing things on your own. You will need help and support to make the most out of your college experience and BEAM wants to provide that for you. Whether it's establishing new study habits, or figuring out how to meet new people and make friends, we understand there are many challenging aspects of college and have ideas to help you navigate them. 

What Support can BEAM Provide? 

Each year in college brings specific challenges. Below is a list of things BEAM wants to make sure you have a plan to handle.

  • Registering for classes & managing Add/Drop periods

  • Finding a work study job

  • Deciding what to major to chose

  • Planning for study aboard

  • Researching scholarships

  • Advising for life after undergrad (jobs, graduate school, etc.)

  • And much more!

COntact With BEAM

BEAM would like to have two types of communication with you during your semesters:

  • Once a month, Ayinde will reach out for a short check in via text or email.

  • For STEM majors, Ayinde will schedule a meeting for a personal check in and plan for the next few months via video chat or in person. We will talk about course planning, look for career mentor, and a community help you feel support in your STEM field

We will also have an event in the winter for alumni to reunite and share their experiences with each other. We will send more information about that in the coming months.

How do I sign up?