Congratulations on finishing BEAM 2016! We had a great summer and we hope you did too!

Apply to BEAM 7 for 2017

A year has passed since you applied to Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics as a 6th grader, and it’s time to apply again!  

This time, you’re invited to apply to BEAM 7, our 3-week program held at Bard College. We have an amazing summer planned for BEAM 7: fun math, students from around the city (many of whom will be your BEAM 6 peers) who all want to learn, living on a college campus, and great activities and trips.

If you are admitted to BEAM 7, then you will receive BEAM's support throughout 8th grade and high school, including help applying to great high schools, other programs for advanced study, and college.

We have already mailed these materials to your home, but you can also click below to learn more and print the application. In addition to the application, you must take our Admissions Challenge either at your school (if you're at one of our partner schools) or coming into one of our events.

Challenge Set 6 is Out!

Try out some new, fun, and interesting math problems!  Text, email, or mail these back to us for recognition, prizes and to help your chances in BEAM 7 admissions.

Congratulations to everyone who solved problems in Challenge Set 5.  You can see the solvers in the file with the solutions.  Prizes are not out yet, but they will be sent in the next month.

Art of Problem Solving Prealgebra Course

If you want to continue learning math that's more challenging than what you're doing in school with students from all over the country, BEAM has secured spots for BEAM 6 students in some of the Art of Problem Solving's online Prealgebra courses. To take advantage of this opportunity, complete the prerequisites and sign up below.

Here's some more math...

Logic Puzzles

Your Logical Reasoning teachers prepared a packet of cool puzzles for you!


Grow your skills by advancing in Alcumus.


  • An awesome video from Vi Hart about drawing the Dragon Curve.
  • How to add the numbers 1 through 100 from Richard Rusczyk at Art of Problem Solving.  They have tons of great videos there, look around!
  • Nature by Numbers is about how the Fibonacci Numbers appear in nature.  What are the Fibonacci numbers?  The first one is 0.  The next one is 1.  Each one after that is the sum of the two before it.  So they go: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ...