Welcome back, 7th graders!

We hope the new school year has started on a strong note. Thanks for checking back in with BEAM!

You can visit this site all year long to find interesting new math and as you plan for next summer. Each month, we’ll share something new! It can also be your go-to for information on BEAM Pathway Program admissions.

Challenge Set 2 Is Out

Try out some new, fun, and interesting math problems! Text, email, or mail these back to us for recognition, prizes, and to grow your skills. Questions and partially-completed work is always welcome!

Here’s our current Challenge Set (#2). Students who submit 4 or more correct solutions by Tuesday, October 15 will be named Top Solvers, and will win a prize.

Each month, we’ll share solutions to previous challenge sets. We “steal” interesting solutions that BEAM Discovery alumni have submitted to make these sets - maybe you’ll see your ideas in an upcoming solution set!

Visit the website again next month to see Challenge Set 2 solutions, plus Challenge Set 3.

What’s Next Packet

Looking for information about how to make the most of 7th grade, the summer, and beyond? Click to download a pdf of the programs that we at BEAM highly recommend for students!

Art of Problem Solving Prealgebra Course

If you want to continue learning math that's more challenging than what you're doing in school, BEAM has secured spots for BEAM Discovery students in some of the Art of Problem Solving's online Prealgebra courses. Click the button below to learn more, and to sign up.

BEAM Discovery Uptown 2019

Even More Math

Book of problems

Some of the instructors from this summer prepared more problems to work on! Click the button to view the problems.

100 Problem Challenge

Keep trying your hand at the problems! Can you solve them all this year? 


Grow your skills by advancing in Alcumus.


These MATHCOUNTS Minis are a great way to see how to solve interesting problems!

Art of Problem Solving also has some great math videos where you can learn a lot.

We've also selected a bunch of cool math videos to learn more!