TA Application for BEAM's Algebra Class

Dan and Ruthi are teaching a weekly in-person Algebra class this year, specifically for 8th and 9th grade BEAM students, and we are looking for a high schooler to TA the class. Algebra is essential to succeed at a challenging later high school math, and it keeps you on track for calculus before college. Many BEAM students go to a middle school that doesn't offer Algebra so we are trying to prepare all students to successfully take the Algebra regents.

When and Where

Where? NYU Courant Institute in Manhattan.

When? Every Saturday starting December 10 and ending June 10. There will be no class on December 24, December 31, and January 14.

Requirements and Expectations

The TA will be expected to be there from 12pm to 3pm for every class. (If you can't make every session, email us to discuss the possibility of excused absences.)

To qualify for this position, you need to be at least 14 years of age. We will provide you will lunch (most likely pizza), a MetroCard, and you will be paid $11/hour.

How to Apply

Complete the application below before Monday, November 28 (if you need extra time, email us and ask if that's okay). In addition, please email a copy of your high school transcript to info@beammath.org (it's okay if it's an unofficial one, like a picture of your last report card).