Join your friends every Saturday for more math with BEAM!

BEAM is offering classes on Saturdays in two different areas:

  • Things You Need to Know (TYNTK): for the winter, Supplemental Algebra and Fast Paced Algebra courses. These courses will help ensure that you are prepared for future math courses like Calculus and that you are ready to take the Algebra 1 Regents exam in June!

  • Interesting math: Pick one of a Math Enrichment Course, MathPath Prep, Circuits, or Programming


  • 10:00am - 12:00pm: Things You Need to Know (read more below)

  • 12:00pm - 12:30pm: Lunch, hangout with your friends, activities

  • 12:30pm - 2:00pm: Engaging math, science, and programming classes (read more below)

Pizza lunch will be provided!

Dates (winter Trimester)

  • December 1, 8, 15

  • January 12 and 26

  • February 2, 9, 16

  • March 2 and 9

Please be on the look out for emails as some dates may change based on schedule adjustments.

SHSAT Class.jpg


The program will be at NYU's Courant Institute. You can find directions here.


Supplemental Algebra (10 am - 12 PM)

This class will help build a deeper understanding of algebra, and will be an addition to what you're learning at your school. Understanding algebra 1 is important for your later math classes like Calculus. This class will also prepare students for the Algebra 1 Regents in June.

Fast Paced algebra (10 AM - 12 PM)

This class will prepare you for the Regents exam and is made for students whose schools do not currently offer Algebra 1 for 8th grade students. We'll move at a fast pace to ensure you are as best prepared for later math classes in school like Calculus.

Enrichment courses

Pick one of the following classes:

computer programming

Learn to program! You will learn to program in Python, and will create a project (for example, a small game or web application).


Learn to build circuits and program the Arduino micro controller. Learn the basics of programming in C.

game theory

Do you like playing games? Winning games? ALL the games? In this course, we’ll figure out how to play many games so well that no one will ever beat you again. This may sound like all fun and games (and a lot is) but it’s really about the math of making decisions. We will play a lot of simple games to practice and demonstrate our different strategies. Then we will look at what happens as we apply our knowledge to more complicated games. Game Theory is the class for people who want to learn how to make decisions with their head and not just their gut.

Mathpath admissions Prep (December only) &

If you are already in MathPath Prep this will continue throughout December. Afterwards the course will switch to another theoretical math topic.