Join your friends every Saturday for more math with BEAM!

BEAM is offering classes on Saturdays in two different areas:

  • Things You Need to Know (TYNTK): for the Fall trimester we will be offering a SHSAT preparation class as well as a High School Admissions preparation class. You get to pick one of these:

    • SHSAT Prep (8th Graders):

      Planning on taking the SHSAT? Our prep class will help you practice and improve for the test and get you into a specialized school! It's easier to prepare together than it is to prepare by yourself. Come to BEAM and we can work together.

    • HS Admissions Prep (8th Graders):

      Do you need help applying to high schools? Our prep class will help you navigate the admissions process, practice essay writing for applications and help you find the best fit high schools.

    • life skills (9th graders):

      This class will cover several different topics to help with school and life. Examples include study tips, managing stress, getting organized and using schedules, etc. You'll also get a chance to share with your BEAM friends how your week has been, what has gone well and what struggles you have, and brainstorm together how to improve.

  • Interesting math: Pick one of a Math Enrichment Course, MathPath Prep, Computer Programming and more.


  • 10:00am - 12:15pm: Things You Need to Know (8th graders)

  • 10:30am - 12pm: Life Skills (9th graders)

  • 12pm - 1:00pm: Lunch, hangout with your friends, activities

  • 1:00pm - 2:30pm: Engaging math, science, and programming classes (read more below)


Pizza lunch will be provided!

Dates (fall Trimester)

  • October 5, 12, 19

  • November 2, 9, 16, 23

  • December 7 and 14

Attendance is an important part of participating in Saturday classes. If you know you will not be able to attend a class, please inform us beforehand. Poor attendance will result in missed field trip opportunities. Click here to review our attendance policy for Saturday classes.

Please be on the look out for emails as some dates may change based on schedule adjustments.


Class Title: Problem Solving in Geometry
Instructor: Isidora
Type of class: Problem solving: we’ll solve challenging, contest-style problems
Difficulty: Hard: be ready for a serious challenge
Class Description: When you see a problem, how do you figure out a way to start? And if you get stuck, what methods can you use to get unstuck? What kind of related problem might be helpful to solve first? And once you solve a problem, can you use your solution to solve some other problems too? In this class, we’ll focus on challenging problems across different geometry topics: angles, congruence, length, area, volume… Even though the class focuses on geometry, the problem solving strategies we develop will be general!    
You should take this class if: You love solving challenging problems, and you enjoy finding connections between seemingly unrelated problems.

Class Title: Deep Math and Hard Problems (with prep for MathPath admissions)
Instructor: Dan
Type of class: Theoretical math: we'll prove theorems
Difficulty: Hard: be ready for a serious challenge
Class Description: How can you prove that something is impossible? The prime numbers go on forever... how can you prove that? And if everything in math can be proved, how would you prove a simple fact like that if a divides b and b divides c, then a divides c? In this class, we're going to learn more advanced ways to do math and proofs and learn more about what it's like to be a mathematician. We'll also prepare you do the application problems for MathPath and Mathcamp, two of the top math programs in the country.
You should take this class if: You're interested in more of a challenge and excited to dive into proof-writing; you want to go to a top summer math program.
You shouldn't take this class if: You don't want to think hard, or if you're only interested in math for what it can do (not for its own beauty).
*Note: This course is very challenging; to take it, you should send your work on this problem to us at
Example Problem:


Class Title: Investigative Statistics
Instructor: Joshua
Type of class: Applied Mathematics:We'll be using math to understand and explore real world issues
Difficulty: Moderate: you'll need to think, but it will all connect
Class Description: In this class, you'll have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of statistics and increase your mathematical literacy. We'll look at the statistics that appear in the news, we'll investigate the data that the government has gathered on the population of the United States, and we'll think about creative ways to communicate what we find through our search.
You should take this class if: You think statistics is neat. You want to understand the world a little better, and be able to engage in conversations about things that are happening right now. You want to investigate questions, gather data, and explore what it all means.
You shouldn't take this class if: You don't want to spend time digging deep into numbers and looking for the data that actually matters.

Class Title: Visualizing Number Theory
Instructor: Sunita
Type of class: Theoretical
Difficulty: Medium. The hardest part might be accepting that drawing pictures can be rigorous. There will be some algebraic thinking involved – for example, you should be willing to use variables and generalize – but no assumptions that you already know algebra.
Class Description: This class is about finding patterns in the integers, making conjectures, and proving or disproving those conjectures. It is also about using pictures to do that math. In fact, the hardest part might be accepting that you can use pictures to understand abstract math, and to make rigorous arguments. We’ll start with familiar numbers like even and odd integers, triangular, square, and hexagonal numbers, and go on from there. We will also explore questions that touch on geometry – like what distances can you draw using a given set of tools?
You should take this class if: You enjoy theoretical math. You are also OK with trying out things just for fun and without necessarily knowing where they’re going, and you are equally OK when it’s time to switch on your analytic brain to figure out what you have discovered.
You shouldn't take this class if: You lose interest when you think you have already seen something before. Part of what we will be doing is finding new visual “languages” for familiar ideas, and then turning around to use those to do new things.

Class Title: Learn Programming with Python
Instructor: Sarah
Type of class:
Computer programming
Difficulty: Low to medium. You work a lot on your own, so you have to like being self-directed
Class Description: Learn to program with Python. Python is a computer language that's easy to get started with, but is widely used in the business world for a lot of different applications.
You should take this class if: You like programming computers or just want to try it out.
You shouldn't take this class if: You don't like working with computers, or self-study


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